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Memory School is a fully interactive memory improvement site. At Memory School you will be taught how to improve your memory on every level.

In 1995, Mark Channon created BBC1's game show Monkhouses Memory Masters and came sixth in the World Memory Championship, ranking 3rd in the world as an International Grand Master of Memory. In the competition, he had an hour to memorize the order of as many random digits as possible; he correctly remembered 744 numbers sequentially. He also successfully memorized the order of a newly shuffled pack of cards in 1.5 minutes. And now, he is sharing his memorization skills through Memory School, an online interactive learning centre which he hopes will bring mnemonics into the public eye and help anyone improve their memory.

It all began in 1990, when a friend loaned Mark an audio version of a memory course, rumors are he forgot to give it back. He became fascinated with memorization and honed his techniques for the next four years. By 1994, while working as an actor in a West End production of 'Crazy for you', he came up with an idea for a television show called Memory Masters. He took his idea to a game show production company (Action Time) and within 10 months it had a weekly slot on BBC1 and was hosted by Bob Monkhouse.

Memorization is traditionally associated with learning 'tricks', but Mark wanted to change that. Over the last 3 years Mark has been working on the idea of a fully interactive Memory School; a place where people can learn how to apply mnemonic techniques in their everyday life.

He calls his Memory School method 'A new way of thinking'. Based on mnemonics, his technique combines logic with creativity and seeks to harness the brain's natural capabilities.

Mark explains, "This is a very exciting time for us. For years mnemonics have been misunderstood and have never been properly utilized by the masses. I guarantee you if kids were taught to think this way at school the effects would be awesome. Our goal at Memory School is to support all your memory improvement needs and open your mind to a new way of thinking about and using mnemonics which makes their application infinitely more useful."

You can now register at his new site, , registering with Memory School is free; initial registration includes access to a free downloadable memory meditation session MP3 as well as access to a memory workout area and memory forums where you can find answers to your questions.

Memory School's first interactive e-class, 'Developing your mind' will be launched in July 2004. You can take a preview of this e-class here:

This e-class contains the basic building blocks for improving your memory and gaining an excellent understanding in mnemonics (memory techniques).

A second e-class - 'Advanced thinking' is planned for early 2005 and will contain some advanced memory techniques, created by Mark Channon, which have never been seen before.

Other e-classes are in development as well as a ground breaking product called the 'MnemonicNet', a computer program which mimics the mnemonic techniques used in Memory School allowing easy organization, memorization, revision and recall of information. The MnemonicNet is planned for late 2005 and should have a big impact in the field of memory improvement.

So if you want to improve your memory and learn how to use your brain in a more effective way, give Memory School a visit –

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