Offers Eligible U.S. Workers "Gold-Rush" Opportunity

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ABB ABBIEL, LLC., the company behind the increasingly-popular brand, has created a clever, high-income, flexible hours career opportunity for eligible U.S. workers.

ABB ABBIEL, LLC., the company owning the increasingly-popular brand, has created a high-value income, flexible hours career opportunity for eligible U.S. workers. "Every day American workers sell inexpensive products for relatively small commissions. We are changing opportunities by offering a generous 50% monthly recurring commission for each and every membership sold in for the active lifetime of that membership.", says company President, John Tummolo. "This opportunity is designed to invite eligible U.S. workers into the potential high-income earnings electronic commerce arena. Some people could potentially create million-dollar annual income streams for themselves.", he adds. "This is an amazing opportunity.", says Jon Roberts, Senior Sales Representative. "Our turnkey solution is scalable to tens of millions of community members across America. Therefore, this is a real opportunity for many people to establish substantial monthly income streams for themselves and their families without investing in 'upfront product inventory'."

So, what is It's a product, with free support services. This patent-pending product enables the mass-production of affordable, turnkey, private and secure community networks for linking community members together via a rich suite of ever-evolving communication functions. Each network is professionally-managed. This complete turnkey solution is accessible via most Internet-connected PCs using relevant web browsers. The solution solves the problems and inconveniences experienced in communities when community leaders attempt to use public web sites, email systems or public message boards to communicate and provide private and secure community member and informational communications capabilities to their community members. In many communities information is fragmented, hard to find, outdated and unreliable. For an example, there is no convenient way for community members to locate 'the person in the 700th house who shares one of their unique interests.' introduces affordable, professionally-managed communications that provide such capabilities. The solution allows for communities to be defined as a geographic region, a state, a city, a town, a gated-community, a school, a religious organization, an apartment complex, or even a group of friends or family, etc. The solution saves communities time and money by organizing, producing and managing community information while providing a standardized set of support for sophisticated, private and secure communications standards that enable community members to conveniently interact with one another. All of these capabilities are covered by a invisibly-priced monthly membership fee usually part of the monthly maintenance fees or common charges. The solution reduces budgetary risks by eliminating costly upfront design, development, test, maintenance, operations, enhancement, administration and support costs while delivering a sophisticated communications standard to the community that uses a simple-to-use user interface.

Dynamic topical content, newsletter information and member interactions can be posted to each private and secure community. This solution enables the mass-production of truly unique and relevant communities, each with unique information and topical communication frameworks. "People need to try the free trial demonstration of our solution at . They must be sure to create some messaging interactions, create some dynamic topics of interest and all the while realize, when they start their actual real community they will be enjoying all of these capabilities with fellow linked community members. That's very exciting.", says Jon Roberts, Senior Sales Representative.

"To participate in the 'gold-rush', eligible U.S. workers must cause their local community's adoption of our solution. We have created an unobstructed roadmap for eligible workers to potentially earn high-income streams. The potential of creating recurring monthly income for a one-time adoption, when compounded by multiple communities, could be similar to the excitement surrounding the 20th-century 'gold-rush'.", says Mr. Tummolo. He adds, "It has always been the vision of to create win/win/win opportunities for everyone involved in making this solution a success. We believe opening up the big-income 'gold-rush' potential to eligible U.S. workers establishes a mutually-beneficial win/win/win business strategy for our company, eligible American workers and communities across America. We see this approach as another step furthering our brand recognition as a pro-opportunity, pro-American worker, pro-American lifestyle product solution provider delivering a clever community-oriented household utility. I believe this strategy will excel our company's drive to Q2 2005 profitability. Accordingly, this 50/50 commission offer is extended to cover all community accounts originated through the end of Q1 2005. After that point in time, we will re-evaluate this program. That means, 'only the early-birds who help us push this solution into the U.S. marketplace this year will perhaps be the only ones reaping the monthly-recurring income streams for many years to come'. I would strongly encourage eligible U.S. workers to start getting those communities signed-up for Q3/Q4 2004 and Q1 2005. Everyone of them should attempt to take advantage of this potentially life-changing income producing opportunity. Their success is everyone's success. When they hussle this time, it's for themselves."

Considering typical business startup costs and risks are non-existant with this 'gold-rush' offer, the $5.00 per month it costs to maintain your active membership id is an invitation for most eligible U.S. workers who possess strong ambitions to succeed. This $5.00 per month includes using your active membership for demonstration purposes. Jon adds, "Where else can you invest $5.00 per month to participate in the potential to earn huge, monthly recurring income streams?"

"Well, the only risk you take is to believe in yourself enough to take a chance at the big time. So apply some down time to introduce and cause the adoption of our service within your local communities.", adds Mr. Tummolo. He continues, "So what exactly does that mean? Maybe a couple of phone calls to acquaintances in key leadership positions, perhaps attending a couple of community Board meetings to present the solution and the phone call to us to assist the initial community member enrollments. At that point in time, we'll be happy to put our 50% commission commitment to you in writing. With some luck, many people could earn additional annual income for a few hours overall time commitment spread out over a few weeks. I have rarely seen any company willing or able to split their revenue streams 50/50 with their delegated sales force. This opportunity may be unprecedented. We view it as a nationwide community-oriented opportunity."

So how does this sales incentive program work? A single person causing a community of, let's say, 1,000 units to adopt the solution as their communications standard could create a $30,000 annual income stream. The monthly commission is calculated using the following formula: (monthly membership fee * number of members) / 2 * 12 months). So, using the monthly membership fee of $5.00 results in a $2.50 per month commission. Then, multiply the $2.50 by the number of community members (in this example, 1000 members) to compute $2,500.00. Finally, multiple the $2,500.00 per month of income by twelve months in a year to compute the annual income stream of $30,000.00. Should the community utilize the service for ten years, the individual would have collected $300,000.00 for causing the one-time adoption. That's a golden opportunity for just about anyone, especially given the relatively limited amount of time required to introduce and sell the patent-pending solution to local communities.

The actual steps required to begin selling the solution are relatively straight-forward. All an eligible worker needs to do is create their community using the enrollment form accessible from . Upon successful enrollment, they are assigned a new member id. Now, any future enrollments, in any community, anywhere in the U.S., that enter this member id as their "promotional code" will automatically trigger the 50% monthly commission payout. It doesn't get any simpler than that. Terms and Conditions details governing these commission payouts can be located on the web site under Terms and Conditions. Since each community adopts the solution once, each related income stream is impressive given the limited time invested to create the stream. After their first community, this 'gold-rush' program enables each eligible U.S. worker to realize monthly income as they pursue the next community. So, they have created their own high-paying, flexible hour career.

Mr. Tummolo says, "This program is expected to create winning benefits for three participants: 1) for the communities that benefit from use of our solution; 2) for the American workers who cause the adoption of our solution within these communities; and 3) for our company as we continue to penetrate the marketplace with our patent-pending solution. We feel this share-the-wealth opportunity is something someone in a 'neighborhood' might offer to their fellow community members. Giving people a chance to succeed on their own merit and reap commensurate rewards for their efforts is the American Dream. We want our solution to be considered the American neighborhood communications standard. We're proud to offer this program to eligible U.S. workers in every local neighborhood in America."

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