They aren't selling clothes, they are selling an image--Dirtee Angels launches Summer 2004.

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Dirtee Angels is a unique, upscale new clothing line designed for women who aren't afraid to express themselves and show their pride in who they are, their culture and individuality. You won't find this line in your average retail store.

Dirtee Angels ( set out to sell an image, not just clothing—and they intend to seek out and dress dirtee angels everywhere, giving women the chance to grab attention, show their lighter side, and project confidence.

"Dirtee Angels gives a woman the opportunity to say, 'Yes, this is who I am and I don't really care what you think—cause I'm proud to be me!'", says Caryn Doti, co-owner of the clothing line. Dirtee Angels brings something unique to the table with their offering of five different lines under the Dirtee Angel name.

Gloria Chavez, co-owner of the Southern California-based company, shares, "We offer what no one else does-five distinct lines that are so very different from anything you’ll find in your average retail chain. But then again—we never set out to be average."

Their most popular line, Dirtee Lingo, offers tanks in three languages—Italian, Spanish and French. Says Gloria, "We have such a large Latina population on the West Coast. We wanted to be able to give women of different ethnities, the opportunity to wear something unique--distinct to their culture--and we want them to be proud of it." With Gloria's Hispanic, and Caryn's Italian roots, they have come up with some very creative styles to choose from. "What's even more unique is that our tanks have the English translation on the upper back of the tank, so Angels need not be fluent in any of the languages offered."

The Dirtee Angels line also offers DirteeLicious (all in English), which allows women to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek with the image portrayed in their "dirtee" attire. "They DO grab attention..I couldn't believe the positive response I received in my DirteeLicous tank", says Feliz, a true Dirtee Angel customer, fan and proud owner of products from each of the five lines. Consumers can even create their own tank by selecting from the Dirtee Work line. Dirtee Dreams offers a collection of colorful boy briefs, branded with "dirtee" right on the bottom, to be worn with a Dirtee Angel tank. The owners share, "Even Dirtee Angels need to sleep—why not look sexy during bedtime."

Dirtee Angels has even created a line specific to dogs. "We both own adorable chihuahuas and always dress them. It is not only an attention-getter, but our girls can now be fashionable too!" Caryn states.

Wearing Dirtee Angels clothing is just that—attention-grabbing—no matter which line is worn. These two entrepreneurs wanted to create something different, innovative, creative, and bold. Most importantly they want to project an image of sexiness and pride. Gloria says, "We want women to show their confidence in who they are, pride in their heritage, and show that we are not one-dimensional—we have a feminine, innocent side, but we also all have a 'dirtee' side waiting to come out. (THAT) is sexy."

And sexy it is. Dirtee Angels are easy to spot, just look at the lower back of all their tanks. Their logo is proudly displayed, as is with the dog tees and boy briefs. You can purchase Dirtee Angels in many boutiques throughout the Los Angeles area, or by visiting their website.


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