Small Company Makes Big Waves with World's First Hot Pepper Nasal Spray

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Six months ago, SiCap Industries consisted of a tiny lab in a dark basement in Schenectady, New York. Today SiCap is being recognized as a leader in the "headache and sinus" business. This unlikely "little company that could" has produced one of the most important medical breakthroughs ever known, and according to many medical professionals, they may have stumbled onto a potential cure for chronic headaches and sinus conditions.

Imagine suffering from chronic headaches for decades only to discover your own miraculous cure completely by accident. Next, imagine that your "headache cure" also works for most everyone else suffering from chronic headaches and sinus conditions. Now imagine yourself riding the wave of an incredible medical breakthrough, and capturing the world's attention from a tiny town in upstate New York.

That's exactly what happened to Wayne Perry, the founder of SiCap Industries, and inventor of the now world famous "Sinus Buster" nasal spray. After being sprayed with police pepper spray for a television news stunt, Perry discovered the medicinal power of pepper which changed his life forever.

In 1995, Wayne Perry was a nationally recognized self defense expert appearing on talk shows such as Oprah Winfrey and Montel Williams. As a personal safety instructor, Perry's "claim to fame" was the fact that he was willing to be sprayed in front of live audiences to demonstrate the debilitating effects of personal protection pepper sprays.

Perry had suffered from severe cluster headaches for more than 20 years. He had tried every drug out there, and had undergone every test ordered by his family doctor and his neurologist, but nothing ever really worked -- until he met the power of the pepper.

"Thanks to Oprah Winfrey, I landed a job with a local news station as a crime reporter. One of my first duties was to be doused with self defense pepper spray for a sweeps package airing that night. I'd been sprayed more than 30 times in my life for live demonstrations in the media, but I never had a headache at the time. This time I had a huge cluster attack coming on strong. It was hot and humid outside where we were doing the demonstration, and I was stuck out there waiting for about 20 minutes with all that pollen and humidity. These were cluster triggers for me. Anyway by the time the other reporter was ready to spray me, I had a horrible cluster headache. I had just gotten this job and I couldn't call off the demonstration. So she sprayed me and boy that pepper never gets any easier to handle, but the first thing I noticed after the initial spray was that my headache was gone. I mean gone! I was shocked, and I never felt better," says Perry.

After that incident, Perry spent the next 2 years developing a pepper formula that could be applied through intranasal delivery.

"I used my doctor's advice as far as what else should be in formula and then I just kept working on it and researching as much as I could until I was finally satisfied. By the time I was done, I had a formula that worked on my headaches every time. In fact the more I used it, the less my headaches came. Today I rarely have one, but when I'm exposed to allergens and other triggers, sometimes I'll start getting a cluster attack, but one quick spray of my sinus buster and it's gone," says Perry.

That was more than eight years ago, and today Perry has turned his miracle sinus formula into a thriving business. Barely six months ago, he decided to start marketing the Sinus Buster over the internet. It was then that SiCap Industries was born.

On January 1, 2004, Perry was toiling away in his mother's basement -- creating the labels, mixing product, and bottling everything himself. Today, only 5 months later, SiCap Industries has their own building complete with bottling and labeling equipment, computer servers, and enough sinus buster bottles to supply the thousands of orders that now pour in on a regular basis.

"We have four full time employees and 3 part timers. It's so hard to believe this could happen so fast, but this product has spread like wildfire because it's really works," says Perry.

These days, SiCap Industries is the "little company that could", and they are getting the attention of doctors throughout the world. Moreover, SiCap is a media "love child", with Sinus Buster stories appearing everywhere in the news.

"It never stops around here. Every day I'm answering calls from a lot of big television stations and magazines all over the world. We were just on the news in Israel the other night. The other day we got a call from the Wall Street Journal. I mean that's big time stuff and the Sinus Buster is a big story. It's the biggest headache breakthrough ever," says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

SiCap officials say they now have hundreds of bonafied physicians recommending the Sinus Buster to their patients.

"It's almost unheard of for doctors to recommend a natural supplement like this to their patients, but for people who have never gotten true relief from chronic headaches and sinus problems, it's a life saver and doctors all over the world are realizing it," adds Perry.

If you want to learn more about "Sinus Buster", the world's first capsaicin (hot pepper) nasal spray, and SiCap Industries, visit the company website at (

There are media kits and samples available for qualified media and medical personnel. Use the contact information provided with this release.

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