Doctors, Beauty Parlour Owners, Beautycians, Beauty Conscious ladies-Girls, Gents,too, and Entrepreneures in Your Country are invited to use Devine Gifts of Nature: Ganoderma, Aloe Vera, Wheat Grass to boost your Career with prestige and Respect for you in the society.

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IndiaÂ?s First range of Immuno Modular Natural Health products at less than 50% rates of the existing foreign brands marketed in India.These Divine Gifts of Nature will boost your Career with prestoige and Respect for you in the society.

Experience the essence of perfect health by using Nature’s Divine Gifts of Ganoderma, Aloe Vera and Wheat Grass.

India’s First range of Immuno Modular Natural Health products at less than 50% rates of the existing foreign brands marketed in India .

Ganoderma, Aloe Vera and Wheat Grass are researched, developed and manufactured in Pune , India by Biocare Pvt Ltd and marketed in India and abroad in 16 countries worldwide , by Healthy Living (India) Pvt Ltd . Its head office is situated in Vasai Road (W) , Dist Thane .

Healthy Living , a project inspired by leading professional Doctors, after extensive study , research and clinical tests have concluded that Ganoderma , Aloe Vera and Wheat grass are the most potent herbs to strengthen our immunity and to prevent , control and cure all major diseases . They not only cure the disease but also rectify the cause of the disease .

What is Ganoderma ?

It is known as God’s miracle herb- Sanjivani of 21st Century – Sarva Rog Nivarak. It is rare , red , high valued medicinal mushroom with potent components of medicinal properties like polysaccharides , Adennosines, Triterpenoides, Organic germanium, Proteins.,Fibres, Vitamins, Minerals etc. It is used extensively in USA, UK, Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Rusia and other countries worldwide .

Ganoderma Products:

Gano Plus tabs / Caps ( For longevity, immunity and mild Diseases) , Gano Caps ( for Chronic diseases) , Gano Forte (for cancer, Hepatitis, and HIV ) , Gano Protein powder(for physical and mental growth) , Gano Biscuits, Gano Recharge Cofee, Gano Refresh Tea, Gano mouth care paste.

Usefulness of Ganoderma Products:

By using Ganoderma , you will get miraculous results for the following ailments:

Diabetes, Bronchitis, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Cirrhosis of Lever, Kidney Diseases, Kidney Stone, Coronary Heart Diseases, Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism, Fatigue Sress Syndrom, Hyperacidity, Indigestion, Gall/Bladder Stone, Infertility, Asthama, Allergy , Arthritis, Lever Diseases , Hepatitis A/B/C , Renal Failure , High/Low Blood Pressure, Harmonal Imbalance, Mental Retardation , Diseases of Gastro Intestinal Track, Gastritis, Piles, Gynaecological Diseases, Impotency .

Concentrated Extracts control all types of Tumours and Cancers and HIV( AIDS ) . All Non-Traceable and Non-diagnoseable diseases.

Aloe Vera :

There are 200 species of AloeVera plants, but Barbadensis is the most medicinally potent species. It is called Kuvaroatha or Grithkumari in India and is being used since ancient tiems for youthfulness and treatment of various diseases .

Aloe Vera products:

Aloe Vera Juice, Glow-up gel, Aloe Vera all purpose wash, Aloe Jaswant Hair Gel, Aloe Honey and Milk Dew Premium Soap .

Usefulness of Aloe Vera products:

These are very useful for Beauticians also as Anti-Age,Anti-Pimple, Anti-Wrinkles Treatment, to remove dark circle below eyes, for Glow up of face, for long ,silky, shining hair, to remove dandudruff etc.

They are also useful for prevention and control of all digestive disorders,Arthiritis, Body and Muscular pains, Osteoporosis, Diabetes, Lever Disease,Ulcers, Varicos Veins, High Cholesterol,Constipation,Eczema, Alzheimer’s Disease, Acidity, Rheumatism,Asthama, High Blood Pressure, Kidney Disease,Piles, Hardening of Arteries ,cardiac problems,Diarrhea, Psorasis, Alcoholism.

Wheat Grass :

Wheat is the popular staple food in India. It is known source of Vitamin A,B,C, and E.It has over 90 Natural Minerals,essential to maintain the metabolism of the body.It is rich Natural source of Chlorophyil,a compound of Proteins found in the green Laeves. It is potent blood purifier, Promotes Hemoglobin formation , controls Blood sugar disorders,Promotes Blood circulation, neutralizes toxins. Removes heavy metals from the body, increases energy level and Vitality. Helps to maintain supple joints and flexible muscles.

Wheat Grass Products: Wheat Grass Caps.

Boost up your Career :

Doctors, Beauty Parlour Owners, Beautycians, Beauty conscious ladies/girls, gents too, and Entrepreneurs in any country are invited to use these miraculous products of Nature, in fact Natures Divine Gifts to Mankind , which will boost your career, prestige and respect in the society and will give you miraculous results without any side effects.

You can get detail info of the products , its prices by contacting Mr.Shashikant Patil at . Simply give your full name , address, Tel or Mobile No., E mail address. Only those who have genuine interests to boost up their career in this field should inform the category of the products as above .                    


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