Experiential Understanding of the Functions of the Autonomic Nervous System

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Qigong practice is able to increase one's internal energy flow. With the increased energy, qigong practitioners experience a greater degree of opening of the three gates to the acupuncture meridians. This in turn promotes a state of general vitality and health, as well as a more integrated intelligence, one that is both outwardly and inwardly informed between the mind and the body. The opening and activating of the three gates with qigong practice helps people more fully explore and develop the potentialities in their brain and their autonomic nervous system.

In an article to be published in Qi: The Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness (summer issue, 2004), Guan-Cheng Sun, PhD, a scientist and qigong practitioner and teacher, has found that three key acupuncture points play an important role in energizing and balancing the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems.

Dr. Sun, Executive Director of the Institute of Qigong & Internal Alternative Medicine (IQ&IAM - http://www.qigongseattle.org), has found that by the age of 45, most of men have a nearly closed or blocked lower gate/coccyx, which can reduce the functions of the lower parasympathetic nervous system. If they have not become aware of this change internally, and have not worked at keeping the coccyx open, the functions of their immune system can easily decrease and their sexual functioning can also become weak.

Dr. Sun also describes the effects of imbalances in an education system that focuses primarily on the intellect. The result for most people is that the middle gate/narrow vertebrae and upper gate/jade pillow are not activated energetically, thus their sympathetic and upper parasympathetic nervous systems do not functioning at optimal levels. Dr. Sun identifies the parietal lobe of the brain as the self-awareness and intuitive brain, which is relatively untrained in our conventional education system. The opening and activating of the upper gate/jade pillow, with qigong practice, allows the parietal lobe to function much better, supplementing rational and scientific modes of thinking with a more panoramic awareness.

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