"Accusations" relating to FBI complaints of child sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery

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Response to readers' possible reaction to article that may appear to claim that reports and indications are that the FBI may not always be investigating possible crimes reported to it, particularly those involving child sexual abuse, other sexual exploitation, and modern-day slavery initiating in the United States.

The following is an expanded and slightly modified version of the response to an editorial comment from PRWeb.com regarding the Independence Day 2004 press article, "FBI complaints of child sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery." The comment is one suggesting that contact information be added to the body of the press release. The response to that may answer some questions other readers may have:

"I'm not sure I understand the contact information to which you are referring, i.e., whether it is my contact information or that relating to something else in the article.

"I've added the name of Debbie Beatty, the person in the FBI Records Information Dissemination office who made the statement for that office. I also added the telephone number of that office for those who would need to request an FBI FOI file.

"The name of the person who made the statement regarding the Connecticut Chief Attorney's office having 'carved itself out' of the

Connecticut FOI jurisdiction was already included in the article, i.e., Thomas A. Hennick, Public Education Officer for the Connecticut

Freedom of Information Commission. I can research what piece of legislation may be covering that but either way, if that is the practice the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission is following, that's the bottom line. (I don't know if you are aware that Connecticut now has a new governor, as of Thursday, and all that surrounds that situation.)

"The name of the newspaper in which the news article referenced in my article appeared is 'The Day,' which is included in the article. The Day is the only daily newspaper in New London, CT.

"My own contact information, i.e., my telephone number and email address, is included in the contact information of the online submission form. Should that be included in the article, as well?

"I can go on to reference my own FBI FOI request#0993072-000 of March 3, 2004, which is still outstanding. The statement to me by

Debbie Beatty of the FBI Records Information Dissemination office, whose name is now included in the article, was made at that time.

"That FBI FOI request covers eight items relating to three complaints made by me to the FBI regional office in New Haven, CT, and one to Director Mueller's office in Washington, DC, based on advise to me from an FBI New Haven staff member upon her not being able to provide case numbers to me relating to the three complaints filed with FBI New Haven. That person refused to give me her name or any other identifying information, something that has usually occurred in my contacts with that office.

"So far, it is appearing that the three complaints to FBI New Haven were never logged, although that can only be verified by me through the response to this FBI FOI request.

"One of those complaints covered an obstruction of justice complaint against FBI New Haven Special Agent Patrick Ford.

"The technical problems provided as examples of the types of incidents to document are referenced in a 9/5/03 fax cover from me to Jackie Bartley, assistant to FBI New Haven SAC Michael J. Wolf, fax number 203/503-5155, and, because the fax cover form did not accommodate this amount of text, also sent as a separate page in the subsequent resending of this complaint to Wolf, in a letter with a date of 9/4/03, to FBI New Haven fax number 203/503-5098, because the earlier fax had been cancelled after 10 of the intended 22 pages had been received:

'Att: Janet Bartley

'I have been having considerable difficulty getting through to your office yesterday afternoon and this morning. The call fads after I hear you answer and, when I call back and explain the problem, the person who is answering the 777-6311 number insists on knowing my name and/or what it is regarding.

'The person who answered last night refused to give me his name, although he said that, if I were to send a fax to you and wanted you to confirm receipt, he would receive the fax at fax# 503-5098, hand deliver it to you and confirm receipt of it for you.

'When my call to you faded this morning, after you picked up, the person who answered, who was the same person who answered when I first called this morning, again, this time, wanted to know my name. When I asked him for his, he wouldn't answer, only asked me mine again. When I told him that it wasn't necessary for him to know that and to please put my call through, the call faded.

'When the next call to you again faded, I called again and asked the person who answered if your office is having phone problems. She said that it wasn't. She did say that her name is Carla, but was insisting on wanting to know my name and what it was about. When I asked why she was asking that, she said that it was to know how to direct the call. I explained that the call was to be put through to you, but she was still not complying.

'Something along the same lines just happened. When I asked to be connected to your number, the person asked me my name and then immediately told me that you were not in your office. When I asked to be directed to your voicemail, the person put me through and the phone faded again. When I called back, he put me through to a voicemail that said it was your secretary. When I called back, he told me that that was the only number he had for you. I explained that I'd been directed to your number just a little while before. When I asked him 'Are you having phone problems there?' the call faded again.

'Are you having problems with your phones there? I have reason to be concerned about, and possible previous indications of, administrative staff in certain agencies fraudulently diverting phone calls and faxes. '

"However, the focus of 'FBI complaints of child sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery' [138824] is that of suggested procedures for those filing FBI complaints of child sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery, and providing examples of what should be included, rather than relaying actual situations. I think that relaying the actual situation in which I've, personally, been involved would best be done in its own article or series of articles.

"I didn't see the comment regarding the contact information until after I unreleased the hold on the article - I was unaware that these specific comments were provided, until then. I was editing my two press articles, [138824] and 'Federal laws relating to child sexual exploitation and modern-day slavery' [138826], throughout the afternoon. It may just be that the version that was reviewed by you was one from before the additional contact information was added.

"Please advise.

"Thank you.

Marianne LaBrecque


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