How to protect your personal information on Internet?

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Ghostsurf Pro is one of the most useful anonymous proxy and surfing systems I have come across whilst searching the internet for internet privacy software tools to help keep my PC secure while browsing the web.

GhostSurf Pro - designed to protect your personal information from ISPs, websites, other users of your computer, and malicious "spyware" software both while you browse and when you are off line.

GhostSurf addresses each potential source of online privacy abuse. By routing your information through anonymous proxy servers or hubs around the world, GhostSurf makes it impossible for websites to see who you are or from where you come, allowing you to surf anonymously.

GhostSurf blocks personal information from being sent by your web browser, lets you see everything that is sent and manage the cookies on your PC.

GhostSurf's SpySweep rids your computer of snooping spyware applications, and its GhostWipe feature removes information about your preferences that could be seen by other users of your computer. GhostSurf also allows you to send anonymous e-mail.

Anonymous Surfing and web browsing    

GhostSurf protects you from being watched by your ISP and by the websites you visit by sending your personal information through anonymous hubs located around the world. To your ISP, it looks like you're visiting the hubs when you're really visiting other sites. To the sites, it looks like the hubs are visiting them. This keeps sites and your ISP from tracking you, selling (or otherwise sharing) your preferences and habits with other entities.

Blast transfer    

Anonymous hubs are sometimes slow, especially when many people are using them. To combat this, GhostSurf offers its "blast transfer" feature. Blast transfer sends your requests through many anonymous hubs at once, rather than just one at a time. This ensures that you get the fastest possible link at any one time, and that you can download different parts of a web page from different sources, maximizing the speed of your Internet connection. With blast transfer, pages sometimes load more quickly through your anonymous web connection than they do directly!

Blocking your personal info for privacy protection    

Routing your web traffic around the world is just the start of GhostSurf's privacy protection. GhostSurf also modifies outgoing information to remove anything personal or identifying. And GhostSurf lets you see exactly what is being sent, in real time. You can choose exactly what information you'd like to block and from whom; by default, GhostSurf blocks all personal information from being sent to provide maximum protection.

Managing anonymous proxy servers

GhostSurf can download an extensive (and frequently-updated) list of anonymous hubs from the web for you. It also processes this list to find the fastest and most reliable hubs for you, and can manage the list silently over time, updating it and retesting old hubs. You can enter your own hubs manually if you wish as well.

What else can Ghost surf do? well it's a pretty long list of useful stuff, my personal favorite is the spyware detection and removal facility, this is another must. The first time I ran it it found over half a dozen programs hidden away on my PC...

Blocking ads and pop-ups    

Ads are not only annoying, they often are used to violate your privacy and they account for a significant amount of the time in loading pages. GhostSurf can block ads both in pages and ads that pop-up on your screen. Without ads, pages often load much faster and, of course, are less annoying.

Your personal data trail and surfing privacy    

As you use your computer you leave a trail of personal information. Temporary files show which sites you've visited, menus in Windows show what files you've opened. GhostSurf can clean these repositories so that other users cannot gather the information stored there. And GhostSurf can "scrub" deleted files so they cannot be undeleted.

Spy ware

Spyware is a glaring violation of your privacy. Many freeware products silently watch you as you surf the web and then report your browsing habits back to their parent companies. GhostSurf can scan your memory, hard drive and system registry for spyware and remove it when found. An extensive backup system allows you to undo any changes that GhostSurf makes to your system with a single click.

Anonymous e-mail    

GhostSurf offers an anonymous e-mail facility--using this, you can send e-mail from anyone to anyone. It works just like a regular e-mail client, except that you get to enter the "From" address as whatever you like. GhostSurf's anonymous e-mail system works with ISP's which block SMTP transmissions as well, by routing the mail through your own ISP.    

Multi-user mode    

With one copy of GhostSurf you can anonymize many people's Internet experiences using GhostSurf's multi-user mode. If they configure their browsers to send their information through GhostSurf on your computer, they will instantly get all the benefits of GhostSurf.    


GhostSurf lets you associate sounds with its various actions, like clearing temporary files or downloading anonymous hubs. You can mute all the sounds if you don't want to hear them, and alternatively can set the sounds to whatever you want.    

Works with all ISPs and web browsers    

GhostSurf is designed to be flexible and compatible. It has been tested with a large variety of ISPs and browsers. Because it works like a regular proxy server, any HTTP-compatible browser should be able to connect to it. GhostSurf supports HTTP tunneling as well.

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