How to Tell Someone to Go to Hell in Such a Way that They Look Forward to the Trip

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When there is someone you need to tell off in a big way, but a face to face confrontation or a phone call will only lead to a bigger confrontation then "I4anI" (TM) may be just what you need. Send this "gift" that carries a message they will never forget, and that may just turn them around so they will mellow out. Designed by a woman in business for use by anyone, this unique product is now available wholesale to distributors.

If you feel like giving someone a punch in the nose, but going to jail is not your favorite thing to do, then you may want to consider sending a special "gift" that will deliver your feelings in a way that may make an even bigger impact than a punch.

"I often see people getting frustrated and unable to relieve their stress when someone has done something to get them angry, and so I came up with 'I4anI' (TM) as a way to tell someone off and not get accused of assault," explained inventor Nicole M. Broadwater.

If you have ever been cheated, lied to, insulted, disrespected, stepped on by someone climbing the corporate ladder, or when someone has just been down right rude then "I4anI" (TM) is just what you need. Giving gifts has usually been reserved for someone you like, but now there is a special gift you can give that person you want to deliver a special message to.

"We have a stuffed toy that will hold your 'Insult Gram' and deliver your message for you. You just tell us who to send it to and we take it from there," said Broadwater.

In addition to the personalized insult delivered by this stuffed toy novelty gift, the back side of the toy has lip marks to show the recipient visually what you expect them to do next.

"The results are tremendous," said Broadwater. "You feel great and relieve your stress by sending it, the recipient discovers exactly how you feel, and often that leads to an apology and helps get a difficult situation resolved. Even if there is no apology, sending an 'Insult Gram' makes you feel great."

If you want to deliver a subtle insult that will get your point across and still leave a smile on someone's face this is the thing for you. The "Insult Gram" from "I4anI" (TM) shows that you are sophisticated and mature, and have a sense of humor that will make a lasting impression on whoever you send it to - no vulgarity simply intelligently delivered subtle insults.

"Most people really don't know how to cleverly express their anger, and society frowns upon negative behavior, so I wanted to find a way to help people express how they feel in a constructive, fun way," said Broadwater.

The "Insult Gram" can be personalized in many ways, and it can be sent anonymously if you wish. Now you can deliver your feelings with the impact of an iron fist, but in a velvet glove.

You can select one of the insults that are ready and available, or you can come up with one of your own. Some of the popular insults you can select from include:

  • The cream always rises to the top... So does the scum!
  • Please don't leave angry... just leave!!!
  • Instead of being born again...why don't you just GROW UP?!
  • Don't thank me for insulting you... it was my pleasure!
  • Thank you...for your unsolicited opinion!
  • Plus many, many more.

The unveiling of this unique novelty gift will be hosted in the Los Angeles Convention Center at the California Gift Show on July 17 – 20, in booth 3032. The doors will be opened between 9:00am and 6:00 p.m.

This brand new product is available wholesale for the first time, so distributors are encouraged to attend the show or contact the company for arrangements. Be sure to leave your card at the booth with one of your favorite insults, you may win an insult gram of your own.


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