Public Action Taken In Keeping Pageant Scams Out Of Business, Keeping Legitimate Pageant Organizations Going Strong

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National Public Action Taken In Keeping Pageant Scams Out Of Business, Keeping Legitimate Pageant Organizations Going Strong

Did you know that many pageant titleholder's, contestants, and winners do not receive their rightful prizes, publicity, support, nor scholarships from the pageant organization or system they have paid money to in order to enter, compete and/or win? It happens every year. Women, men, boys and girls enter pageants, compete in pageants; and the pageant organization does not uphold their written and verbal obligations to the contestants, titleholders, nor sponsors. They recruit contestants and sponsors for money; and the contestants, sponsors, nor titleholders and winners never receive what they are promised or entitled to. In this recruitment and solicitation, these systems and organizations send out and publicize false advertisement in order to make themselves look good; stating an alleged purpose and pretense as to their existence, while all along do not have the resources, staff, nor funding to back it up.

The Pageant Awareness U.S.A® Association, founded September 2003, provides a Mail-In and Online Forum as well as a Power Support Group Coalition. These public services allow people across the United States and internationally to voice their experiences with pageants that they have participated in, competed in, sponsored, or been a part of in any way. All Members are required to do so in writing as well, by providing facts only (no opinions), along with documentation. The Pageant Awareness U.S.A goal is to keep legit pageant systems and organizations going strong, and to keep pageant scams out of business. Hardworking Volunteer Staff, Supporters and Members ensure this focus is powerfully implemented. The Forum will grow to gain thousands to millions of Members; and will aid in spreading the word non-stop about illegitimate pageant organizations, systems, and companies across America and beyond. Pageant Awareness U.S.A Association assists in stopping them from abusing and scamming people and pageantry as a whole by also governing actions and tactics in which pageants Directors do business, and keeping file on their behaviors in pageantry with applicants, sponsors, titleholders, contestants, winners, as well as with pageantry, state and government officials.

Pageantry is one of the oldest and largest industries in world. Pageant scams and other illegal behaviors in the pageantry business are issues that are unfortunately wide spread and are allot of times pushed under the rug because of the glitz, glamour and educational support that most pageants are known for. There are many pageant organizations and pageant systems that abide by pageant, state and federal laws, pageant rules and ethics; yet and still there are many who do not. The Pageant Awareness U.S.A services are much needed and way past due. The Association is also standing in correlation to other pageantry law and ethics officials that include EPIC International Association, and the A.A.P Association.

When and if it is ever received...sponsors, contestants and titleholder's are strung along for months, sometimes years without receiving what they are promised or entitled to by the pageant Director(s), organization or pageant system. This includes publicity, prizes, scholarships, photoshoots, crowns, sashes, media coverage, monies, appearances, bookings, taxable receipts, sponsorship reimbursements, and other facets. Titleholder's go unpublicized, unsupported and unrecognized unless they take it upon themselves to do so; this also involves proper honor and implementation of their platforms. Many of these pageant organizations and systems disappear for a year or two or more, then re-surface repeating these illegal behaviors again and again. Four pageants that are committing these illegal tactics are systems and organizations in which the Founder of the Pageant Awareness U.S.A Association, nationally renown Professional Model, Actress, Author, Motivational Speaker and national youth services company Director Ashili Tamique has competed in : She has held the title of Miss Mahogany U.S.A 2000-02, Miss Black Chicago in 2002, and is currently Miss Black Illinois U.S.A 2003-04. Tamique was a contestant in the 2003 Miss Black U.S.A Pageant. There are also many others that induce these practices nationally and abroad.

Pageant Awareness U.S.A reminds the public of a powerful fact : You can make a difference and put an end to these illegal practices and abuses. Help millions of people just like you who have been mis-used, and scammed by pageant organizations and pageant systems nationwide. Talking amongst friends and relatives about it is one thing; actually doing something about it is another. Both the Pageant Awareness U.S.A Association Power Support Group Coalition Members and Online Forum Members consists of former and current pageant contestants, past and present titleholders, pageant volunteers, corporate and small businesses, community leaders, pageant Directors, Photographers, parents, professional Cosmetologists, church’s, the general public, Attorneys, Fashion Designers, media officials, non and for profit Organizations, people in the entertainment industry, and many others. Membership is free.

The focus via the Pageant Awareness U.S.A Website, Forum, Support Group, and appropriate procedures currently in action is to uphold legal, ethical pageantry with dignity and continuous growth. With a Founder who has been very active in volunteerism, pageant training and coaching, judging, mentoring, sponsoring, performing and other involvements for, in and with several pageants; including the Miss America pageant system, as well as her deep-seated experience in doing such with many other pageants over the past 13 years; the Pageant Awareness U.S.A Association makes it a requirement that Members share their experiences with and recommendations to prominent pageant organizations and systems (such as the Miss America Pageant, Ms. Illinois American Elegance Pageant, Ms. World International Pageant, Miss U.S.A Pageant, Mr. & Miss Ebony U.S.A Pageant, Miss U.S. Beauties Pageant, Miss American United States Pageant, Miss Ethnic World Pageant, etc. etc.) that are doing business legitimately, and legally abide by state, federal and pageantry laws and ethics as a whole.

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