All Natural Pepper Nasal Spray Produces a Natural High

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Endorphin junkies seeking the ultimate rush are turning to the world's first all natural hot pepper nasal spray known as the "Sinus Buster." Aside from its' reputation for beating chronic headaches and sinus symptoms, the Sinus Buster is also being used by athletes and weekend warriors looking for their next endorphin high. It's all due to the Sinus BusterÂ?s active ingredient "Capsaicin", the natural chemical that puts the "Hot" in hot peppers.

There are many natural highs in this world. Some are legal, and most are not, but one of the best "legal highs" is produced by our own bodies in the form of Endorphins.

Recently there's been a buzz about a new natural health supplement on the market that instantly sparks the body's endorphin machine into action. It's the world's first nasal spray made with (capsaicin), the active ingredient found in natural hot pepper extract. Aside from fighting chronic sinusitis and headaches, many users credit the Sinus Buster nasal spray for giving them an instant burst of endorphins that leads to a feeling of focus and well being.

Clinical studies verify that when capsaicin is ingested, our bodies react by releasing powerful endorphins producing a burst of energy, increased metabolic activity, and a feeling of well being. In essence, endorphins give us a natural high that has many benefits including enhanced abilities of physical performance and mental focus.

Endorphins are a class of neurotransmitters produced by the body and used internally as a pain killer. This class of compounds is similar to opiates, attaching to some of the same receptors in the brain. Theories abound concerning the health benefits of endorphins, but researchers do know that the release of endorphins lowers the blood pressure, and they believe endorphins may also have the potential to fight off certain cancers.

Endorphins are best known to people who exercise a lot (especially runners), hence the term, "runner's high". Endorphins are also well known to people who get lots of tattoos and body piercings because these neurotransmitters are released whenever we experience pain, or stress to our bodies.

Researchers say one of the fastest and most powerful ways to release endorphins is to eat hot peppers. In fact, many people crave spicy foods because they enjoy the warming sensations, breakouts of sweat, and the overall rush of endorphins. Although the high is non-hallucinogenic, people who crave spicy foods are usually hooked on the endorphins as much as the taste.

According to Dr. Frank Etscorn, who holds the first patent on the nicotine patch, "Endorphins are released into our brain when we eat hot peppers. Like other psychotropics including peyote, coca, and marijuana, chili peppers alter our state of consciousness. Many of us crave hot spicy foods, and we may even get slightly strung out, but it's no big deal".

This explains the psychology of hot pepper eaters who thrive on the strong stimulation of the capsaicin. They crave the combination of pleasure and pain that appears to bring on a higher state of consciousness. The endorphins and other physical sensations that flood the brain when a chile addict bites into a hot pepper, instantly overwhelms the senses. This phenomenon has been described by doctors as a true "rush."

Now consider what happens when someone ingests the essence of a pepper through their nose. It's an instant rush far beyond that of eating the hottest peppers, and it's this rush that has workout fanatics using The Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray as part of their workout regimen. Whether it's running, weight lifting, or team sports, sinus buster users are finding a big burst of energy packed in a powerful little bottle.

"I started taking the sinus buster spray for chronic allergies and it helped me a lot...especially with my sinus headaches. But the one thing I really noticed about the spray is that burst of energy you feel when you use it. So now I use it before I work out. I take a few squirts before I go running. It really wakes me up and keeps me going," says Jim Morton, 36, of Yonkers, New York.

Alex Benua, a 20 something gym goer from Chicago adds, "I know a few people using it at my gym. It's great to take a snort right before you lift weights or run on the treadmill, and it keeps your sinus perfectly clear. That's a big plus because the easier you can breathe, the better your performance."

According to officials at Sicap Industries, makers of The Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray, they have thousands of customers who use it faithfully before every workout.

But what about the burn -- can you hurt yourself with hot peppers? Definitely not, according to the United States Dispensatory. Their documents describe capsaicin as, "A local stimulant that differs from other irritants in producing practically no reddening of the skin even where there is a very severe sensation. So while it has a pronounced irritant effect on the endings of the sensatory nerves, it has little effect upon capillary or other blood vessels. Therefore it does not cause blistering, even in high concentrations."

"The burning sensation you feel from a hot pepper is actually not a burn. It's really a chemical reaction caused by the natural capsaicin. It's that natural chemical reaction that allows our spray to overpower headaches and sinus congestion like nothing else can. We use a unique combination of purified water and herbal extracts to create a capsaicin formula that's easy to take and extremely effective. When the special pepper extract in our spray enters your sinus cavity, the reaction causes inflamed nerve endings to shrink. So it stops pain and swelling virtually on contact. The fact that it releases endorphins is just an added benefit -- one that our customers love. In fact we just launched the new and improved version of the sinus buster, and the endorphin rush is incredible. Believe me, medicinal pepper remedies are here to stay, and our company is on the ground floor," says Wayne Perry, inventor of The Sinus Buster and President of SiCap Industries.

Hot peppers have been used medicinally for thousands of years. The Mayans and other ancient Indian cultures used hot peppers as pain killers, as expectorants for respiratory problems, and to relieve nasal congestion. Aside from helping the digestion process, hot peppers are also effective in dissolving blood clots, and they're a better source of Vitamin C and A than most other fruits and vegetables -- including citrus fruits.

Joyce Claire of the website (, agrees that the medicinal power of hot peppers goes far beyond sinus remedies and the like. She says capsaicin has even shown great promise in fighting Leukemia and Intestinal Bowel Syndrome. Claire says the medicinal power of capsaicin comes from its' anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties, along with its’ ability to conduct natural thermal heat.

"Just this year it seems we've been seeing innovative health supplements made with capsaicin. Almost all the best fat burners and weight loss products contain capsaicin, and the best OTC arthritis creams are all capsaicin based. They've recently released an OTC pain relief patch with capsaicin too, but the sinus buster is really the most exciting because it's spells a potential cure for most migraine and cluster headaches sufferers. And what it does for chronic sinus infections and congestion is absolutely incredible. The sinus buster is real proof that capsaicin is all in all a quite miraculous natural drug for many people," adds Claire.

By formulating natural capsaicin in a nasal spray, SiCap Industries has brought the medicinal power of hot peppers "full circle" with a product that instantly and safely introduces capsaicin into the user's system. SiCap officials claim this is why the Sinus Buster is so effective against stubborn headaches and chronic sinus pressure. As soon as the capsaicin is introduced into the nasal passages and sniffed back into the sinus cavities, the capsaicin goes to work depleting the chemicals known as "Substance P". It's this Substance-P that irritates the nerve fibers running along the Trigeminal nerve region causing swelling and pain. When the capsaicin hits the pockets of Substance-P, headaches and congestion are almost immediately reversed.

"When you first use the sinus buster, it feels like nothing lese. The bite is tremendous, but it also feels good. Although some people might call it a burn, it's really not. It's a chemical reaction you feel as the capsaicinoids bond themselves to the nerve receptors throughout the sinuses. This is exactly the rush that endorphin junkies crave to help boost mental well being and overall metabolic performance. Capsaicin is scientifically proven to do what it does, and what it does is incredible," says Wayne Perry.

Media kits and samples are available for qualified media and medical personnel by using the contact information accompanying this release.

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