Quiet Solution Releases "No Excuses" Soundproof Wall ------ Top lab reports QR-530 Serenity Drywall produces STC 52 on one side of single stud wall

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An improved lower cost method of achieving required demising wall STC values in multifamily construction has been tested and proven. Unlike the older methods, these cannot fail or be shorted out acoustically, thus lowering litigation risk. Now there is no excuse for a builder failing to meet soundproofing standards.

Quiet Solution today announced a simple solution to the most common soundproofing problem in construction. Based on results from the world-renowned National Research Council Labs (Ottawa, Canada), a single panel of QuietRock QR-530 Serenity soundproof drywall on one side of a standard 2x4 wood frame wall with regular drywall on the other side achieves a breakthrough STC 52, well beyond code minimum.

Builders, developers, architects and specifiers can now safely achieve and exceed code with no risk, schedule impact or cost increase. International Builders Code (IBC), BOCA and ICBO require demising (party or separation) walls to rate a Sound Transmission Class of 50 or better as measured in a certified independent lab. Until now, achieving spec STC 50 has been costly, unreliable and difficult. In the past, builders attempted to meet code by using failure-prone resilient channels or space-consuming double stud walls. The advanced QuietRock Serenity panels, used for both existing and new construction, easily and reliably meet the STC code, legal and commercial requirement. HUD shuts down project financing unless the buildings meet STC 50. Homeowner claims against multifamily developers, GCs and architects regularly win large settlements if demising walls are rated under STC 50 or deliver under STC 45 in the field.

STC 52 Serenity Code Compliant Wall; Equivalent to 8 Layers of Drywall

NRC tested a standard assembly: a single panel of QuietRock Serenity on one side of a standard 24" O.C. wood frame; fiberglass R-13 insulation batt; and a regular sheet of 5/8" Type X drywall on the other side. By comparison, a typical wood stud assembly with one piece of Type X drywall on both sides scores only STC 34. Replacing just one side with 5/8” QuietRock scored STC 52, a remarkable 18 rating points higher. Achieving 18 STC points of sound insulation is equivalent to approximately eight (8) layers of Type X 5/8” drywall. Further, the simple but powerful Serenity assembly crushes the problematic coincidence dips that cause walls to be perceived as noisy – large, noticeable gaps in soundproofing where the transmission loss drops dramatically in a specific band of low and high frequencies.

More Reliable and Less Costly Than Older Methods

For 30 years, builders had to use unreliable resilient channels or space eating double wall assemblies to meet STC50. Resilient channels proved to be a liability nightmare, with field failure rates as high as 90%. There are 20 known problems that consistently cause resilient channels to fail, leading to a plethora of recent lawsuits and settlements. Double stud walls are expensive in terms of time, labor, materials and lost sellable floor space. QuietRock on one side of a single stud wall offers the lowest cost, least space-consuming and failure-prone, most reliable solution for achieving STC 50 code on the market. The "no excuse" STC 50 code-compliant wall is built using standard fasteners, tape, drywall compound and finishing materials.

Noise #2 Cause of Litigation

Noise is the second largest cause of litigation and out-of-court settlements in construction, just behind mold. Multifamily construction is especially hard-hit, with Homeowner Association actions reportedly often receiving settlements in the range of $8,000 to $32,000 per unit plus legal fees. Using the Quiet Solution soundproof system including QuietRock, builders and developers can easily achieve STC ratings that nullify complaints, as the NRC results for QuietRock QR-530 exceed IBC code requirements. Architects can similarly avoid being implicated in homeowner suits by specifying this highly reliable, effective, lab-tested, product that exceeds code requirements.

About Quiet Solution

Quiet Solution provides world-class soundproofing building materials for residential and commercial construction. Its soundproofing system provides the highest and most reliable Sound Transmission Class and Impact Insulation Class solutions on the market. As an innovative material science company, Quiet Solution deploys technologies to solve large-scale problems in the construction sector. Its patent-pending, lab-tested products are based on advanced viscoelastic polymers and constrained layer damping. All the company’s products are environmentally friendly and manufactured in the USA. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley.

For information: http://www.quietsolution.com or

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