Hydrogen Generator and Lead Acid Battery Range Breakthrough

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Technology creates hydrogen-on-demand from water. 100 days from market. Battery management system that will double or triple battery output. Expert urges caution about "absurd claims."

Story I: Flash Hydrogen Generator set to challenge OPEC

Emerging Technologies today announced a breakthrough FLASH HYDROGEN GENERATOR that is poised to challenge OPEC. The device was described as small enough to be held in your hand while running cool to the touch with only a milliamp power draw when the breakthrough battery enhancement circuitry is in place. This hydrogen generator's fuel source?? Water! Even salt water! Plug it in, and in less than 2 seconds you have a blue flame. The output of the system is pure H2O, so not only does the device act as a hydrogen generator, but also as a cheap low power desalinator!

This is revolutionary because no longer will it be expensive to generate hydrogen, no longer will we require costly hydrogen infrastructure, and no longer will we have to fear the rolling hydrogen bombs that are compressed hydrogen fuel tanks. The hydrogen instead is generated on demand and not stored or accumulated anywhere. You can crash, and break the system into a thousand bits, and have no fear of hydrogen fuel based fire! With widespread use of this technology, our roads could be safer than ever before, with no more need for gas tanks, trucks, pipelines, or related infrastructure.

This is real. A major world leader is visiting the company today. A major Indy/CART racing team is getting behind them as well. William Alexander, CEO of Emerging Technologies says that the device will sell for less than $600 retail, prototypes are getting installed into vehicles and actual production begins in less than 100 days! He also says that they are NOT going to sell this technology to big oil so that the technology ends up shelved and unavailable. They are committed to getting this technology to the world.

This means that power production can be decentralized anywhere there is water. Living on (or in) earth's oceans just became a whole lot easier. We can reduce our country's dependence on foreign oil by a HUGE margin, eliminating our country's trade deficit in the process.

This technology looks like the bright vision of the future that we've always been promised. V is for Voltage will be closely covering this story as it unfolds in the coming months.

Here is the original company press release:

Tiny St. Louis based company breaks OPEC choke hold on US economy!

For decades a handful of OPEC oil ministers have dictated the health and well being of the world's economy to a great extent.

In a classic David and Goliath story tiny St. Louis based Emerging Technologies Development Corporation has announced that one of its client research groups have done the unthinkable.

"We have created and now have fully functional a Flash Hydrogen generator that produces Hydrogen on demand", says William Alexander, CEO of Emerging Technologies. "We have attached this to an engine and we are right here and right now running an engine on water” . As of this minute we have the fully functional capability to produce a car that runs on water”. Emerging Technologies Development Corporation has dubbed the system “Endless Ride“ and has filed a trademark on that name.

"What is the impact of totally safe Hydrogen on demand, no storage, no compressed gas, no hybrid motors, no fuel cells, no danger, and best of all the fuel is virtually free?" asks Alexander.

"The fact is that in 100 days it is likely no owner/operator of a combustion engine, car, boat, truck or train, will need to buy a single gallon of gasoline - ever again".

"Clean, safe, endless energy with only heat and water as a by product! We have done the unthinkable and we intend to produce the product right here in St. Louis and anticipate several thousand jobs will be the result almost immediately and perhaps several hundred thousand jobs once the global impact is felt", says Alexander.

At a retail of less than $ 600.00 this device will be well within the reach of every strata of the populace.

"Over the next 100 days Emerging Technologies Development Corporation will be installing the system on a full sized vehicle and will offer rides to the public to prove the performance capabilities . Also planned is a 40 foot trailer and truck rig providing a mobile classroom for Jr. High and High School students who can walk through the museum of development of what will energize their world of the future, well beyond automobiles. The truck will , of course, be powered by tap water. The dates and times of the test rides will be published in the St. Louis Post Dispatch as we near the final installation" said Alexander to an initial group of investors.

"We produce it as we burn it and we do not need anything special, plain water or even sea water will work quite well - which in itself conjures up images for boat owners", says Alexander.

Emerging Technologies will soon post on its web page the particulars on how the public or joint venture OEM can invest in this technology if they have an interest in doing so.

"We do not want large institutional investors and we do not want any investor to have a stake in the product that will allow the product to be withheld from the public ", quotes Alexander. "This device will, at long last, be an invention for the common man and nothing is going to stop us from removing the scimitar of oil from the throat of the American public".

"More public exposure will follow as we move forward", says Alexander.

For more particulars visit http://www.emergingtec.com

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Story II:

Lead Acid Battery Range Breakthrough

Emerging Technologies announced a breakthrough in battery management and control systems today with the Battery Enhancement and Control System or BECS. This device acts as both an advanced battery enhancement system as well as a digital motor controller replacing the controller component in a traditional brushed motor DC drive system. This device is designed to work with the most inexpensive and readily available lead acid battery technology.

What does it do and why is it revolutionary? In a nutshell, this device will dramatically increase the range of electric vehicles running common brushed motors and lead acid batteries. This type of EV is by far the most common to date, and is the most economical of all designs. By releasing an advanced enhancement and control system that works with the existing old school EV technology, this technology suddenly becomes much more valuable and much more useful. How useful exactly? Testing shows the range of these vehicles will often more than double when the BECS replaces the standard motor controller. Let that sink in for a minute. Now that EV that gets 20 miles of range can get 40 miles or more. That 50 mile EV can now reach 100 miles or more.

The primary function of the BECS is to create an environment where every aspect of the electrical functionality of a stored energy source (your lead acid battery pack) is controlled to maximize the application of energy to perform work. While the exact mechanism and methodology is patent pending, the BECS uses the frequency of pulse, the wave form, the natural recovery characteristic of stored energy devices, the rechargeability attribute and recovery of lost energy in a typical wave form to do the following:

1) Control Back EMF

2) Selects and identifies the stored energy device's latent pulse frequency

3) Selects and delivers the desired pulse frequency

4) Selects and delivers the desired pulse duty period

5) Selects and controls the pulse discharge duty period

6) Verifies capacitor voltage

7) Generates and controls the desired voltage range

8) Adjusts run routines to maintain desired voltage window

9) Dynamically alters the above through self diagnostic feedback to maintain optimum balance in the system

10) The discharge duty and period on both positive and negative rails are monitored and altered to maintain optimum capacitor voltage

11) Control of discharge pulse for low efficiency pulse may be skipped at will to allow maximum build up and therefore maximum work

12) Pulse back to the stored energy device may be desirable if maximum work balance is in place and lost energy is directed back into the storage device

13) Real time frequency and duty adjustments are controlled to constantly tune the coil

14) Memory build up is controlled to allow full recovery

15) Initialization of the process from stored energy is specifically used as a solar panel or other device may be used to created small amounts of stored energy that is constantly renewed by outside source (the sun)

16) This device will work on virtually all stored energy devices not just common batteries

17) The production version of the device is about the size of a pack of cigarettes

18) Wholesale cost is quite low (less than many other controllers), and preproduction engineering is minimal

19) The device can be built to support any voltage or power level desired

This device currently needs to be tuned to the specific motor application for optimum results, so Emerging Technologies is looking first to sell to OEMs to improve their existing product lines, following with a generic self tuning product to sell to the general populous in approximately 7 to 8 months.

No specific product claims are being made at this time, as outside testing is still underway, but preliminary testing has shown ranges increase 2 to 4.5 times the original range. The original range was tested with controllers exceeding 95% efficiency ratings, yet the BECS could still improve range to 200% of original or more. Vibration, temperature, moisture, humidity and longevity testing are currently underway at a certified outside testing facility.

Now old lead acid vehicles will be able to compete with advanced battery chemistry vehicle ranges at a mere fraction of the cost of these expensive packs, and advanced battery chemistries will be able to go farther than ever imaginable.

V is for Voltage is currently testing pre-production prototypes and will be following this story very closely. If you are an EV manufacturer and would like to schedule an appointment to hear more about this cutting edge technology and how it can boost your market position ahead of your competitors, contact: becs@visforvoltage.c*om to schedule a meeting, or visit http://www.emergingtec.c*om for more information.

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Follow-up Correspondence:

From: "Ken Trough" ken@visforvoltage.c*om

To: "Sterling D. Allan" sterlingda@pureenergysystems.c*om

Sent: Tuesday, July 20, 2004 6:28 PM

Subject: Re: ASAP permission to reprint articles; question

Hello Sterling,

...As for testing the hydrogen device, it has been totally secret up until now. Top secret for obvious reasons. I will be participating in the testing cycle of the hydrogen device as well.

I have not personally tested the hydrogen device. Why did I decide to run the story? Because I know the caliber of the inventors, the DARPA robotics lab that is backing it, the CEO Bill Alexander who owns a number of other successful companies in the aerospace and electronics manufacturing space. This is not trolling for investors. These guys want to make a profit on their revolutionary device, sure, but they are not looking to milk a bunch of people for development money. That work is essentially complete. They are putting this into vehicles and publicly showing them in less than 100 days.

THAT's what makes this worthy of running now.

Honestly, I believe this is totally real and totally on the up and up. Soon, EVERY major media source globally is going to be running this


Also, an Indy/CART team is getting onboard and they are going to build

put the tech into a high end race car. Comment: President Bush was meeting with the company today. It's real. I totally believe it.

That said, I will absolutely be publishing testing results as soon as

they are available.

-Ken Trough

Publisher - V is for Voltage Magazine

24 hour AIM - ktrough

24 hour message center - 866-872-8901


CAUTION! Claims are Suspect

From: [J.D.]

To: "Sterling D. Allan"

Sent: Wednesday, July 21, 2004 6:51 AM

Sterling - I think you should be somewhat cautious in promoting the H2 on Demand device and claims of William Alexander, CEO of Emerging Technologies.

First off there are many easy ways to produce H2 on Demand, like lithium hydride and water, or sodium hydride, etc. (or even Al and acid). But the size is generally proportional to the volume of gas generated.

But there is no way that a $600 hand held device is going to produce enough Hydrogen to operate a hydrogen powered vehicle, where you will need several kilograms of H2 per hour, which will occupy hundreds of cubic liters, even compressed to 3000 psi!! Also the volume of water consumed would be proportional and the H2O tanks would have to be factored in.

I suggest that you have someone who is in the H2 business check this out before you get too much closer or embarrassed by another Tilley type.

His Battery life extender claims are even more absurd!

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