New Canadian Magazine debuts that will be for gays, feminists and straights!

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Quote: "I'm left-wing straight and my publisher partner is right-wing queer. It will create an interesting dichotomy!" Publisher Christopher Ballard

Two London men, Donald D'Haene and Christopher Ballard, are working on a new London publication called Q - a full-colour monthly printed on premium newsprint. Q is for quotation, for quotable, for questions.

The men say they're preparing for a September debut. The magazine will be distributed free.

D'Haene is a local freelance writer and performer who's earned critical acclaim for his memoir Father's Touch (, which details the physical, sexual and emotional abuse he, his siblings and his mother suffered at the hands of his father.

Ballard owns two corporations, Mushroom Studios Inc. and Mushroom Studios Creative Inc., which handle all aspects of creative and production design, film, and printing from conceptual design to delivery.

The two make an odd couple. Ballard figures the time is right for Q.

Although a married heterosexual, Ballard says he empathizes with the gay community.

"I've had a lot of gay friends over the years," he says. "And I think that, to some degree, they've been largely misunderstood. And by giving them a voice, they can talk for themselves."

But D'Haene is adamant Q won't be shocking or confrontational. He says that sense of restraint is even evident in the magazine's logo, which incorporates two gender symbols into the letter "Q" and is slyly placed beside a model's ear. He admits not all readers will get the "Q" and "ear" coupling, but that's the way he wants it.

"It's less offensive (than the word 'queer')," says D'Haene. "I'm not going to have smut in it. I think there's a wider market to be found. I want to attract the gay that's at home with the children and the white picket fence.

"As far as I'm concerned, most of the things that affect a straight person also affect a gay person. So I have a large window of subjects."

"I'm not trying to convert people to gaydom," says D'Haene. "I'm trying to entertain." When asked if he's afraid of attracting the ire of hate-filled homophobes like the man who called me, he laughs.

"I took on my father," he says. "So after that, nothing really scares me that way."

Q provides an excellent advertising medium for businesses that want their ads to be read, not just glossed through in a publication that has no bite. We will have editorial bite and a diverse, educated, intelligent readership. Regular articles include Music, Health, Restaurant Reviews, and the Arts to name a few. We are attracting a wide audience with a magazine that has something to interest everyone.

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