Board Game Bashes Michael Moore and the Democrats

Share Article - A Republican board game parodies Democratic leaders, trial lawyers, radical environmental groups, Michael Moore, and other liberal special interest groups. The game has received criticism from these same left-wing interests. LiberalOpoly "The Game of Ass-Backward Politics" is an example of how political parody has become an integral part of the 2004 presidential election.

Political parody is a staple of American politics, and is proving to be even more prevalent during this election year, in particular. Election year souvenirs, such as W (Dubya) Ketchup, Toy Presidents and Politicards, have emerged with great success during the 2004 Presidential race. Many political souvenirs have benefited from the heated political environment, and many entrepreneurs have stepped up to capitalize on this growing interest. Conservative businessmen Thomas Williams and J.T. Voigt have responded to Democratic attacks on the president by creating LiberalOpoly, “The Game of Ass-Backwards Politics”.

LiberalOpoly co-creator Thomas Williams says, “We felt obligated to respond to the harsh criticism from the Left and show how Democrats are also influenced by money and power”.

LiberalOpoly follows the format of Parker Brothers’ Monopoly and the more recent release of the controversial Ghettopoly (The Stolen Property Fencing Game). Instead of trading property, as is the case Monopoly, LiberalOpoly player’s trade political favors in exchange for financial support from left-wing special interest groups. Instead of “Chance” and “Community Chest” cards, LiberalOpoly features “Bushwacked” and “Meet the Press” Cards, which are an especially creative aspect of the game. For example, a “Meet the Press” card is: “Michael Moore gets eaten by a pack of wolves. You attend his funeral. Loose a turn.”

The cover image for LiberalOpoly portrays John Kerry as Mr. Monopoly, with cane in hand, popping out of the “O” in LiberalOpoly. It also features an intoxicated Ted Kennedy drunk on the lawn, John Edwards chasing an ambulance, Michael Moore eating cheeseburgers and Barbara Streisand flying over the Hollywood hills on a broom. (See attached image)

The game currently retails for $29.95. The LiberalOpoly website,, has generated impressive sales, which is a strong indication that more entrepreneurs may also attempt to cash in on the 2004 presidential election.

LiberalOpoly is a trademark of PoliGames, Inc. All rights reserved.

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