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Introducing Oil: Anatomy of an Industry - a new straightforward guide to oil's influence on our daily lives

Oil prices hit an all-time high in July causing consumer concern at the gas pump, jitters in the stock market and a growing fear of a global economic recession. Yet despite our worries about Oil, few of us really understand how this so-called black gold really influences our lives.

In Oil: Anatomy of an Industry, Matthew Yeomans has written the perfect book to explain these most uncertain times.

Every day, the United States consumes more than 18 million barrels of oil, an amount equivalent to the daily usage of Europe and the states of the former Soviet Union combined. The majority of this oil goes into cars, trucks, and SUVs in the form of gasoline. Indeed, one barrel of oil out of every seven produced in the world is destined to fill the tanks of cars in America.

Oil explores the role of oil in America - from driving the U.S. economic engine, to consolidating the U.S.’s position as unilateral superpower - and explains the American consumer’s love affair with gasoline and the automobile. Along the way, Yeomans offers a brief history of gasoline: where oil comes from, how the global crude oil market works, and how the price of oil is regulated and set. Illustrated with maps and graphics, Oil spotlights the companies involved in global oil production, considering their relationships with oil-rich countries and the power they wield in the global marketplace. Finally, the book explains why a continued dependence on oil will soon inhibit America’s growth and become a liability to its economy, environment, and national security — not to mention the security of hundreds of millions of others.

What People Are Saying About Oil: Anatomy of an Industry

"You're not stupid: you know it's the oil. Now find out the why, where, how and whodunits of the stuff that's dominated the world for over a century. This straight-shooting account gives us the truth about our oil-soaked politics, from the gas-guzzling addicts that demand cheap prices at the pump, to the corporate oil cartel that's made Washington its home and sends our troops abroad. Heed Yeomans' words: unless we end this age of dependence and deceit, we're doomed." - Greg Palast, author, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy

"As once again America allows the oil industry to put our economy, our environment, and our lives at stake in the Middle East, Yeomans has done a great service - no one can fall back on the excuse that the issues are too complex to understand when Yeomans has laid them out with such limpid clarity." - Carl Pope, executive director of the Sierra Club

About the Author:

Matthew Yeomans has written on oil issues for Time, Wired, Slate, Salon, The Industry Standard and the Village Voice. His work appears regularly in publications both in the US and Europe.


Oil: Anatomy of an Industry

Published by the New Press

ISBN: 1565848853

Hardcover: 192 pages

You can order this book now at http://www.petropulse.com

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