Crime Scene cleanup, what is piece of mind worth?

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When a death occurs, whether it be from a tragic accident, shooting, murder, suicide or a natural unattended passing, once the coroner or mortician leaves, there is a clean up required.

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If the death is in a business, or a commercial building, the regular cleaning people or the employee can not be summoned to clean up these body fluids. Nor do they have the knowledge of how to decontaminate and fully deodorize the scene. And if it is in a home, the family really does not have the desire to take on this specialized, heavy duty cleaning either.

A Team Master's website offers much information on this subject, including regulations of what is required. The parent firm, Bob's A-Team Assoc. Inc. Has been in business for 20 years. The firm has several divisions, one being a 6 year old retail casket store - with a website . Being in the death care industry already, this is another achievement to expand to the needs of the public. The business boasts they service industrial, non profit, hotels, commercial and consumers alike, and this newest division being met by this enterprise - is in demand and a growing service.

All blood, pieces of a body, matter, or body fluids nowadays need to be treated as bio-hazardous wastes. Betty Brown, the CEO, states: “Say your Aunt dies, in the bathtub, and is not found for several days. The police are called, the body removed and you are left to clean up the fluids, what do you do? Of course this being a loved ones last contact, you do not wish to be repulsed by needing to do this 'project' yourself. And, if you call the Super of the building, he knows, and should tell you that their cleaning lady or other employees, are not trained or equipped to handle this cleaning. They did not sign on to be exposed to sometimes horrifying sites, or others blood or bodily fluids. Also, the possibility that a life threatening decease might be contracted, or other hazardous materials may be encountered in the course of the site clean-up procedure is possible. The cleaning crew or employee could pick up a serious illness or life threatening decease from a contaminant of disease or chemical hazards, and unknowingly spread it to his or her family. The Super or police should have resources for you to call on, as removal of biohazard waste is dangerous as well. If in Ohio and surrounding states, by calling 800-595-1313 on A Team Masters, the project is completed without further concern. Perhaps even your homeowners insurance or the Victims fund of your state will pay for this service. We also have a network of providers to offer as a referral, if the call is out of our traveling distance.”

Unfortunately, most people don't know these programs exist - or where to turn. It is a worry, what to do, in a situation like this without causing further trauma to the victim or family. The scene has to be cleaned right, the site fully turned back to the way it was prior to any death - and a janitorial service just isn't going to fit the bill. Penalties for violation of the standard are severe and the employee may also file a workers’ compensation claim in addition to filing a lawsuit. The piece of mind and security in knowing all of the process will be done correctly, all restored fully, and all - if any- trash will be handled and disposed of in the required manner, are well worth the fees.

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Betty Brown, CEO of Bob's A-Team Assoc. Inc.


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