That Cookin’ Drummers New “One Step System!"

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Mark DuFresne, the Drummer of Chattanooga, TennesseeÂ?s very own National Country Recording Act Â?Confederate RailRoadÂ? has his own line of Gourmet Seasoning Blends & Rubs that he mixes and bottles himself, and has published his very own cookbook and his New One Step System.

Mark DuFresne, the Drummer of Chattanooga, Tennessee’s very own National Country Recording Act “Confederate RailRoad” for over 23 years, a Native of Green Bay, WI. He has also been a cook & grillmaster for over 35 years. On March 01, 2004 he started his own online business (like other Celebrities) called Dixie’ Kickin’s Country Cooking at: Mark has his own line of Gourmet Seasoning Blends & Rubs that he mixes and bottles himself, and has just published his very own cookbook, Dixie’ Kickin’s Country Cooking, Gourmet Cookbook Vol-1 “Grillin”! Plus his New One Step System.

Mark recently did a cooking show with Lorianne Crook, of (Crook & Chase) and it aired in May on the 28th & 30th of 2004 and will re-air on August 13th & 15th on the Great American Country Network’s (GAC-TV) "Celebrity Kitchen" hosted by Lorianne Crook. Mark & Lorianne had a great time cooking two tasty recipes from his new Cookbook. Here are some pictures from the taping, go to:

Mark can teach you Grilling, Smoking BBQ or any of your other favorite entrées, because his gourmet seasoning blends, dry rubs, sauces and marinades are just some of his specialties. Within his gourmet cookbooks and recipes he will show you in detail how to prepare and cook all of your favorite meals.

Mark also shows you many cooking and grilling tips, tricks and secrets most people don't know about!

His New Quick & Easy One Step System

Dixie’ Kickin’s “Easy One Step System”

Cooking & Grilling Quick and Easy at Just a Fraction of the cost!

Quick & Easy is what he’s talking about! He has created 6 different Gourmet Seasoning Blends & Rubs that will go with anything! They make it so Easy and Inexpensive you won’t believe it; with his 60 Minute “One Step System” All you do is Shake it on, let it set 60 Minutes, then COOK or GRILL IT! Sounds too good to be True, well check it out!

He has only one question to ask you! How much have you spent on individual spices? Add it up, you will be amazed! Years ago just out of curiosity he added up all of the spices that he had in his drawers and cupboards; He just about fell over! If you don’t believe it, add it up! He doesn’t know about you, but he likes to save time, money and make his life easier!

Now Mark loves to cook and especially grill, so when he added up all of his spices, I’m talking 50 to 60 of them, it came to about $350-$400.00! Now these are those little 3/4 to 1oz. Cans at $1.89 to $4.69 and this is the cheap stuff, You’re looking at $1000.00 to $1500.00 a year! Even if you don’t cook a lot!

But he has the perfect answer, at just a fraction of the cost. You will save at least $1000-1500.00 a year and his gourmet seasoning blends & rubs will definitely simplify your life! His gourmet seasoning blends & rubs consist of six different special blends that he has compiled over 35 years with over 70 of the finest herbs and spices, a year’s supply will only cost you $75 to $100. You can still keep your salt & pepper!

This is what some of his Customers are saying about Mark & Dixie’ Kickin’

Michelle, from Oregon wrote.


I got my order the other day and had to use them right away. Well needless to say my husband, Bubba loves them! I made pan fried chicken tonight and used the BBQ Seasoning. He just about squealed when he tasted it. I was almost embarrassed to admit that it wasn't my own combo of seasonings that made it so good. I will be ordering more real soon. Just in the last few days the bottles have went from full to nearly gone! Keep up the good work, it is worth it to all us wives!

Eddie, from Texas wrote.

Dear Dixie’ Kickin’

I received your Cookbook last week. I’ve cooked and grilled 6 of your recipes and 3 of the side dishes. Mark I only have one thing to say "Incredible" you really are a Grill-master, every one was fantastic.

I already have all four of your kickin Gourmet Seasoning Blends and I love them, they work great on anything! I’m looking forward for your new Seasonings and Cookbook to come out. "Keep up the good work" Thanks!

Rusty, from Oregon wrote.

Hi Mark

When I purchased your Smoking’ Secret eBook on how to get real smoked flavor on my gas grill. I was totally amazed at how well this system worked! It was so easy to set up and put together and absolutely no mess what so ever. I couldn’t believe how much all the supplies were, a whopping $3.78. I used all of the supplies so now I’m set up to smoke 14 meals on my gas grill, what is that about 26 cents a meal?

Thanks so Much!

P.S. I have used all of your Gourmet Seasonings and they are fantastic! You definitely know what you are doing!

These are just a few Customer Testimonials that Mark has received.

All products and services are available online at:    
For additional information, contact Mark at:

“Some Product Details”

DK’s Gourmet Cookbook Vol-1 "Grillin"

Mark’s New Gourmet Cookbook Vol-1 "Grillin" is finished, printed, Published and ready for shipping, and will make a great addition to any Cookbook collection. This collection has over a hundred of his best Recipes, Side Dishes, Sauces, Marinades, Low Carb Recipes and Fabulous Sugar Free and Traditional Southern Desserts that he has created over 30 years of trial & error. (This Book Has It All!)

DK’s Gourmet Ebooks & Recipes

Mark’s Gourmet Ebooks, Recipes, Sauces and Marinades come in downloadable Ebooks. The Gourmet Ebooks will be sent to you via email, along with your ID and unlocking code.

All of your ebooks will show you step by step instructions with pictures that you can print on how to prepare and cook the perfect meal. None of his Cookbooks are stuffed with a bunch of "JUNK" recipes that your Dog wouldn’t eat! He has compiled nothing but his Best Grilling Recipes and side Dishes.

Gourmet Seasoning Blends and Dry Rubs.

He has always been known for his gourmet seasoning blends, dry rubs, sauces and marinades. All of his Seasoning Blends & Rubs are made with the finest herbs & spices that he has compiled over years of trial & error.

He has spent over 30 years perfecting all of his Gourmet Seasoning Blends by testing them over and over till everyone loved them. When all of his friends kept begging for his recipes, He decided to share & market all of his fabulous recipes.

Brought to you by Dixie’ Kickin’ & Mark DuFresne.

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Mark DuFresne

(423) 344-8926

Dixie' Kickin'

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