If Anybody Should Own Our Politicians, It Should Be The People. Not Fatcats.

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Get greedy corporations and sell-out politicians off our backs by getting out the vote.Special interest fatcats will continue to own and operate America for their profits. The public's interest will not be served except with lip service. It's up to the voters to stop this dangerous trend. But voters must get the picture and act in unity on Nov. 2 before it1s too late.

Apathy is the forerunner of dictatorship

Boca Raton, FL - Beat Fat Cats At Their Own Game just by voting.

Patrioticallycorrect.org is on the front line of the Get Out The Vote campaign with its rousing "Take back America from fatcats" posters. The posters are a fat-cat-heavy indictment of the voter apathy that has allowed greedy corporations and self-interested politicians to line their pockets at the electorate's expense. But it also offers an out. Get these guys off our backs by getting out the vote.

     It's going to take a lot of votes, thought-provoking - and a renewed interest - to topple the fatcat owned politicians who are currently in power. More than half of Americans who could vote don't. And that's a dangerous trend that must be reversed.

     Political leaders make regime changes with troops. Terrorists make regime changes with guns.

Patriotic Americans make regime changes at top levels of government with an even stronger weapon - the vote.

     The poster depicts a 'fat cat' atop the mule and elephant - symbols of the two major political parties -- who are in chains. The fatcat clearly in command - sneer, What is good for corporations is good for America. Patriotic citizens know this isn't true. But voters must get the picture and act in unity before it1s too late. For without voter interest, there can be no democracy. And without democracy, there can be no America. And without the essence of America, we would be a nation of corporations, each existing in its own self-serving fiefdom.

     This is possible, even likely, if apathy continues to proliferate. Lookaround. Most all corporations have proven they have no conscience or soul -and are driven only by greed -- the proportions of which have never been seen before. If average citizens thinks they are getting stiffed now, just wait. They ain't seen nothing yet.

     Apathy recognizes no political parties or social inclinations. Passivity equally afflicts Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, Libertarian or Green Party members. Voting has become a "maybe-I-will, maybe-I-won't" proposition. Too often, it turns out to be maybe-I-won't. That's why the "Vote New Life Into America" poster series speaks even more loudly to the

     51.7 percent of voters who never cast ballots, who neverexpress a political opinion, and basically give up their right to demand change. Yes, 51.7 percent of men, women and children lack basic awareness, concern and a desire for action, opting instead to be passive, immobile and submissive robots. Apathy has become America's new rule. But look what it has done to us. We are subject to a political system rife with pork barreling, backroom deals and self-aggrandizing schemes, lacking any real desire to improve the lot of citizens. Once open to the ideas of hopeful citizens, Washington has become isolated and off-limits, literally and figuratively locked behind walls and security checkpoints designed to keep out terrorists as easily as they keep out citizens with needs that must be heard. Apathy has also thrown up a wall between citizens and their government leaders. Behind that wall, politicians have forgotten their constitutional oath of service "of, by and for the people".

     The "Vote New Life Into America" poster series cries out to apathy-stricken Americans to fight for their heritage and revive the spirit of the nation builders. Instead of throwing tea into the harbor like our forefathers did, let's start dumping politicians.

     Skip the per-occupation with president and senators. They have a long-term grip on their office. Congresspersons are the biggest bargain we have. You can dump a bad member of the House of Representatives in two years; it takes four to change a president and six to move out a "do-nothing" senator. Concentrate on the House. It is the real seat of power by writ of the U.S.Constitution. To do that, though, you have to use the electoral process. It's pure and simple.

     If you don't vote, your opinions will never be heard -- particularly by those who can bring about change. Channel your energies into a motion for renewal. Thomas Jefferson warned us: "Apathy is the forerunner of dictatorship". Don't let that happen.

     Turn apathy into action. Get the first of the "Vote New Life Into America©" poster series. Log on to http://www.patrioticallycorrect.org today. Get it out there for all to see. Then, get out November 2, and vote!

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