Monster Shark Tooth Found

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A massive 7 1/4 inch serrated shark tooth was found in a coastal river bed in South Carolina by fossil hunter Vito Bertucci. The fossilized tooth belongs to carcharodon Megalodon, a prehistoric 70-foot, 70,000 pound version of our modern-day Great White. To locate the tooth, and hundreds of smaller ones like it, Bertucci must battle Tiger and Bull sharks, alligators, cotton-mouth snakes, sea wasps (jelly fish) which can carry fatal stings...all in water that is usually pitch black, filled with strong currents.

A ten foot whopper exists in his museum in Port Royal, SC.

"Megalodon was the apex predator of all time," says Bertucci, who owns the largest Meg jaw in where that last surfer was attacked. It's possible they went deep, trying to avoid pods of Orca, which may have been their only enemies. If so, then members of the species may still be around." A ten foot whopper exists in his museum in Port Royal, SC. "To a full-grown Meg, a Great White would just be a snack. What's scary is they may still be around. There have been reported sightings over the years that match a Meg's description, one not far from the waters."

If not in the ocean, then certainly in book stores, best-selling author Steve Alten has earned a living penning novels about these monsters, including his just-released thriller, MEG; Primal Waters (Forge). "I've always been fascinated by Great Whites, and Megalodon was the biggest, meanest Great White of all time," says Alten, who lives in Florida, shark attack capital of the world. "In Primal Waters, there are several Megalodons stalking the coastline of California, and the South Pacific. It's a fast-paced read, lots of shark attack scenes, but you may not want to go back into the water."

MEG; Primal Waters is the third in Alten's best-selling Meg series, and critics call it his best. Of course, if live shark attack action is more to your liking, there's always Discovery Channel's Shark Week, and the premiere of the motion picture, Open Water, set to hit theaters later this month. As to the dramatic rights to his Meg series, Alten says he recently optioned the rights to his novels to the producers of Hellboy, and meetings are on-going with several studios.

To visit Bertucci’s Shark Museum, call 843-525-1961. Free excerpts to the Megalodon novels can be found on

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