How to Get What you Most Want in Life

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A Top Fortune 500 Executive tells you how to achieve success.

Success is something everyone strives for, in work and in life. But sometimes, hard work is not enough. You have to work smart. You have to relate well with those around you. You must have direction and a strong sense of self in order to make it in today’s corporate world.

Speaker and corporate consultant Richard S. Guha has written, " How To Get What You Most Want in Life-Achieve Worldly and Emotional Career Success," a clear, concise book about how to get ahead and achieve personal and emotional satisfaction. Guha is not a self-help guru. He’s a former CEO and board member of several Fortune 500 companies, hired as a consultant by a variety of industries to help firms strategically grow their businesses.

Now he’s offering up valuable real life experience for the general reader:

  •     Learn the lesson of the “expectation effect”; Harvard researcher Robert Rosenthal proved that children held to higher standards performed better, regardless of ability.
  •     Believe in your abilities. Reward yourself occasionally. Stay away from a loved one, boss or colleague who constantly “puts you down.”
  •     Don’t take the consensus of a small group, whether they’re your friends or colleagues. Always seek independent confirmation and firsthand knowledge.
  •     To succeed you must often rethink the game and rewrite the rules. Go back to the drawing board when something doesn't work. The only certainty is change.
  •     Learn the variables that positively correlate to success–innovation, political knowledge, career initiative. Also learn those that negatively correlate to career success, such as criticism vs. constructive challenge intended to improve.

Such advice may sound general and obvious, but Guha laces his accounts with real life examples from his business experiences that help readers form a clear picture of what he’s writing about. These aren’t hypotheses; they are lessons learned first hand, imparted honestly and directly. Best of all his formula for success includes remaining ethical.

How to Get What You Most Want in Life – 2

“My book shows how attitude, presentation, listening, openness, creativity, and integrity will help anyone become successful,” remarked Mr. Guha. “ I tell it honestly and openly, with no holds barred…. let the chips fall where they may”

Jack Roberts, host of Los Angeles-based Cable Radio Network says: “Richard Guha tells us a lot about how big business works today…he has learned so much from his successful career as a global CEO and Chief Marketing Officer in consumer goods and services, high technology, media, entertainment, health-care, energy, and telecommunications…. this is a must read for all those who seek to achieve their business and career goals.”


Richard Guha is an extremely successful businessman and an advisor to many Fortune 500 companies and CEOs. He has been a corporate officer of three major international corporations and a CEO, CMO, founder and board member of many others. He brought fifteen years of experience in packaged goods at Proctor & Gamble and Mars Inc. to bear advising a myriad of other industries, playing a pivotal role in the transformation of companies such as Comcast/US West, Reliant Energy and Remedy/BMC Software. He is also credited the creator of the consumer “broadband” market when he initiated use of the term when he introduced MediaOne (now part of Comcast). He holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Cambridge University.

For more information about the author, his services as a speaker and business consultant and his compelling new book visit Mr. Guha’s website at or blog at

How To Get What You Most Want In Life: Achieve Worldly And Emotional Career Success

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc:

Hardcover ISBN: 05956625: List Price: $ 23.95, 116 pages

Paperback ISBN: 0595310850: List Price: $ 13.95, 116 pages

Available at; Barnes & Noble; Powells and other fine book outlets.

August 2004

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