"Resistance Weld Schedule Development: Process Windows and Weld Lobes" For Optimum Resistance Welding Withing the Metal Fabrication Industry

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The new book, "Resistance Weld Schedule Development: Process Windows and Weld Lobes" will be released August 24, 2004. It describes development of process windows and weld lobes for a highly repeatable, good quality of welds in an industrial line.

The latest book from Szabo Publishing, "Resistance Weld Schedule Development: Process Windows and Weld Lobes," will be released August 24, 2004. The book features information, on how to develop optimum resistance weld schedules. This process is a necessary step to producing good welds, especially over long production runs.

Developed by Bob Szabo, a resistance welding expert, the book features case history examples, from, as well as experimental examples and detailed procedures. "Resistance Weld Schedule Development" is ideal for people working in the resistance welding and metal fabricating industries.

Author Bob Szabo has said "Throughout my many years in the industry, I saw many simple ways to improve the percentage of good welds on a line. However, rather than take the time to produce good welds from the start, people preferred to produce passable welds and deal with the problems as they arose. Taking the time up front to develop good resistance weld schedules is one simple way to alleviate this."

Along with his first book, "Resistance Welding Safety for Operators", the industry now has new, written information to improve standards and educate workers about the best resistance welding result. For more information, visit http://www.szabopublishing.com or contact Bob Szabo at:

Szabo Publishing

PO Box 571

Elmira, CA 95625-571

phone: (707)446-2917

fax: (707)446-6897

E-mail: bob@szabopublishing.com

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