"The Corporate Circus™" Book Spins-Off New Collectible Office Plush Toy Line Satirizing the Workplace

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"The Corporate Circus" 15 animated office characters, showcased in plush dolls, were pitched as an adult animation and an animation interstitial in live action office sitcom project to producers at NATPE Boot Camp.

"The Corporate Circus," the uniquely original and innovatively creative 5 Star book-based property written as a fantasy corporate satire by Adela JP (pen name of Adela Josue Polin), introduces a brand new line of animated characters in the form of collectible plush dolls as office toys.

This one-of-a-kind set of animated office dolls were shown at the recent NATPE TV Producers’ Boot Camp to visualize and dramatize the fifteen comic relief characters Adela JP has created in her book (The Corporate Circus) satirizing corporate life. Adela refers to them as “Office Messengers of Fun, with an attitude.”

"The Corporate Circus" ( http://www.thecorporatecircus.com/index1.html), presented as both an Adult Animation show and as an Animation Interstitial in a live action Office Sitcom television project, were well received at NATPE Boot Camp. Follow-up developmental discussions with producers are currently in play.

"The Corporate Circus book” (http://www.thecorporatecircus.com/book.htm) has been awarded a 5 Star rave review by Midwest Book Review describing the story as, “a bizarre and fantastic tale told almost entirely in dialogue, with each corporate lackey player represented as an animal. "The Corporate Circus," by Adela JP offers the reader a genuinely fantastic interplay of office politics and an original "tongue-in-cheek" satire. Humorous, witty, and engagingly presented, The Corporate Circus is highly recommended reading which leaves a marked impression of business that combines the exotic with the all-too-real."

Adela JP, author and creator of "The Corporate Circus," is an MBA whose corporate experience led to the writing of “The Corporate Circus” as an entertainingly satiric look at corporate life in what she called, “an intricately complete story adaptable for novelization, television, feature film and theatrical release, as well as a broad array of licensing categories.”

"The Corporate Circus," a fantasy soap opera look at the workplace, details the office drama and travails of 15 key characters that Adela JP created through satirizing office behavior and interactions that are prevalent in work environment settings. The property and book promote office fun that the author hopes will amuse employees.

“These characters understand the meaning of ‘job stress’ and are here to take employees for a wild adventure, and in the process, share their fantasy version of office pain and offer their wisdom as a comic relief,” according to Adela.    

"I hope these characters will serve as employees' pseudo 'alter egos' to help them see their demanding sometimes frustrating job situations in a humorous and entertaining point of view. Thus, relieving some tension during those 'I hate my job' days in the workplace," added Adela JP.

The corporate “office messengers of fun” take the form of personified animals or characters as The Corporate Circus includes:

  •      Ring Master, the fearless "boss" whose clown face belies his tough management style.
  •      Cat, a secretary with “unspoken power” in the company, is the protector of her boss.
  •      Gopher, the happy-go-lucky mail clerk
  •      Gorilla, the Research & Development genius creates and designs products and ideas.
  •      Lion, the “King” marketing guru who regally and flamboyantly carries out his work.
  •      Bull, the sales head whose persistent aggressiveness powers the company forward.
  •      Owl, a fussy accountant who works late as both "bean counter" and party "night owl."
  •      Horse, an operations head whose dependable workers are the company’s backbone.
  •      Vulture, the lawyer who defends the company and cleans up any corporate mess.
  •      Laughing Hyena, the customer service “joker” who handles customer frustrations.
  •      Bug, a reclusive computer support kid-like manager who enjoys computer games.
  •      Octopus, the human resources manager who reaches into all areas to enforce policies.
  •      Kangaroo, the purchasing executive with a powerful “kick” and deep money pouch.
  •      Snake, a genderless calculating troublemaker, whose sneaky ways are to be avoided.
  •      Rat, the gossiper whose dubious, tricky methods are irritatingly troublesome

All characters are presented together in a colorfully illustrated comical corporate ‘Org Chart’ poster (http://www.thecorporatecircus.com/poster.htm).

“The universal and instantly recognizable workplace events and personalities familiar to just about everyone in the workplace are cleverly encapsulated in 'The Corporate Circus,' and we are confident this adult targeted brand will capture trade support and consumers’ imaginations," according to Sariah Smalley, President of Keyline Licensing.

Adela JP said, "In writing and creating the story, I hoped to tap into common concepts familiar to most office workers who can respond to and appreciate the exaggerated humorous portrayal of office life and culture depicted in "The Corporate Circus" book. The story is taking an imaginative fantasy look at employees’ behavior familiar to anyone who has worked in a structured organization. "The Corporate Circus" hopes to relieve some of the boredom common in the workplace by helping employees connect with their uninhibited creative inner kid through the utilization of animated office humor characters as office toys to have fun with or as play module or device to dramatize common organizational behavior issues. From employee motivation seminars and other training tools, to an entertaining animated office sitcom television series or movie concept for adults (and/or children), The Corporate Circus has unlimited possibilities."

Adela JP added, "The Corporate Circus is a metaphorical look at corporate culture emphasizing the fragile, unpredictable yet sometimes interestingly amusing human behavior in a structured environment. Amid the important work in the corridors of corporate power, the human need and necessity to have fun and humor at work is often overlooked, yet integral to the success of the companies to which they lend so much of their lives. The concept is striking a chord with people who gravitate to the story based on their own similar experiences. We are happy to bring a smile to those workers who need it most.”

Adela Josue Polin, President of The Corporate Circus, Inc., founded the company to market the book she wrote and characters she developed. The Corporate Circus brings a fun and insightful look at the world of business through a range of licensing opportunities ranging from television, publishing, greeting cards, office products, stationery products, apparel, toys, and corporate training seminars and entertainment theatrical presentations are available from The Corporate Circus. All properties were recently premiered and enthusiastically received by industry professionals at the New York Licensing International Show, London Brand Show, and PPAI/ASI Shows in Las Vegas.

The Corporate Circus, Inc. copyrighted characters, trademark, and concept are drawing interest from a broad range of licensing and entertainment companies appreciative of the marketability of the breakthrough creative property.    

The Corporate Circus Inc., headquartered in Henderson, Nevada, owns and has created all intellectual property rights, including copyrights, patents, and trademarks, including characters, artwork, illustrations, designs and books involving The Corporate Circus characters and publishing. Information about The Corporate Circus can be found at its website: http://www.thecorporatecircus.com.

For United States and International licensing, distribution and sales inquiries, please contact the Law Offices of Michael R. Polin, Esq. at 858-350-4225, in San Diego, CA.

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