Remember When a Marijuana Drug Test was not Preceded by a Home Drug Test

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TodayÂ?s home drug tests offer the same accuracy as tests used by health professionals and almost the same accuracy as laboratory drug tests Â? in the privacy of the home Â? at a fraction of the time and cost. So, whatÂ?s the catch?

Gone are the days when only a laboratory scientist can do marijuana testing. Today’s home drug test kits allow quick, accurate, and private evidence of marijuana use. It’s this easy: Buy a drug test kit, collect a little urine, add the urine to the kit, wait a few minutes, and read the results. Pot smoker or never touched the stuff? That is now for us to know – and no one else.

Practical applications for home drug testing are endless. Can you relate to any of these scenarios?

  •     You make a pact with your son, daughter, spouse, or friend. You both promise to “kick the habit” and prove it by periodically proving mutual sobriety. Home drug test.
  •     You suspect your father has once again been hitting the pipe. He adamantly denies it. Prove it, Dad. Home marijuana test.
  •     You’ve applied for a new job. Haven’t smoked a joint in weeks. You know you’ll pass. At least you think you’ll pass. You’re pretty certain you’ll pass? Home marijuana test – just to be sure.
  •     You don’t do drugs. Not even pot. You went to a friend’s party and had only one drink and a few scrumptious fudge brownies. But you can’t remember much after that. How could you have gotten so stoned from one drink? You suspect those brownies might have been loaded. Don’t want to make any false accusations. Home drug test.

Today’s home drug tests offer the same accuracy as tests used by health professionals and almost the same accuracy as laboratory drug tests – in the privacy of the home – at a fraction of the time and cost.

Walk into a laboratory and you could pay $85 for a confidential drug test. A typical marijuana test kit at the drug store, FDA cleared for home use, has a suggested retail price of $14.99. A similar marijuana test kit purchased on the Internet, most likely FDA cleared for professional use, boasts a modest price tag of under $3. (For remedial calculus majors, that means that a drug test kit from the Internet costs less than 4 percent of a test performed by the laboratory.)

So what’s the catch? There is no catch – as long as you understand that home drug tests, even drug tests cleared by the FDA for professional use, usually have about a 1 percent margin of error, and as long as you’re prepared to tack that 4 percent (what you paid for the Internet drug test) on to the price of a laboratory confirmation. In other words, if your home drug test result reads positive and you have no room for the possibility of a false positive, simply send the urine specimen to a lab (your home drug test kit should include instructions) and fork out the extra bucks. By the way, a urine sample outside the body no longer breaks down; meaning the window for detection drugs is window is virtually frozen in time.

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