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Internautes sans Frontieres was created in France during April 2004 with the main objective of creating a world wide civilian emergency network.

- We are proud to announce the birth of the civilian association called “Internautes sans Frontieres” ( “Net surfers without frontiers”), having achieved the main objective which is the creation of the first world wide civilian emergency network via the internet.

Internautes sans Frontieres was created in France during April 2004 , and is registered accordingly with the law 1901 of civilian associations of the French Republic under the number 22014707.

The profile and spirit of the association is following the work of the “Radio Hams," which where spontaneously linking their radio signals in a real “world wide radio bridges” lending help and crossing hands from one side to another of the entire planet, solving communications problems in cases of search of medicines, missed people, blood, serum, vaccines, special medical treatments, major catastrophes or helping in any situation in where a danger of life was present.

With the help of the Internet, “Internautes sans Frontieres” presents the world the opportunity to participate in a world wide challenge: To find a simple method to bring the entire world together.

The inscription as member and the participation in the emergency network is free of charge and no additional fee is required.

We only request from the future member to be a legal major citizen, without caring in sex, religion, politics or ethnic.

In order to preserve the “Secrecy of the Communications," and the privacy of the information concerning the emergency traffic as well as the identity and private life of the members, we have adopted unanimously the rules of communications world wide recognized belonging from the U.I.T ( Union International Des Communications, Geneva, Switzerland).

On the other hand, also we have adopted the seven premises of the International Red Cross and the Crescent Half Moon which are: Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntarism, Unity and Universality.

It will be possible from today, to have a civilian support in communications at world wide level , in all concerning situations in where will be requested the transmission of information that may be used to save the life of someone’s in the world or to help those in pain.

The first world wide civilian emergency network in real time via internet have the following main objectives in order to lend support in all concerning communications and contact with civilian authorities, associations, entities, or people capable to give help in the cases of:

PRIORITY ZERO: "All disasters, damages, or catastrophes of natural or technological origin, avalanches, epidemics, earthquakes, floods, disasters of chemical, bacteriological or nuclear type. The support in the search of planes or boats in danger or disappeared ". Any other situation envisaged or unforeseen which may represent imminent danger of death for a human life everywhere in the world. Actions intended to preserve the environment and the ecology of planet in the event of imminent danger»    

PRIORITY ONE: "Search of drugs or medical treatments for patients or serious victims, search of vaccines, blood, serums, or transplants for patients presenting a pressing risk of loss of the life. Any other condition, envisaged or unexpected that endangers the life of any human being on the planet ".    

PRIORITY TWO: "Search of drugs or medical treatments for stable patients or victims, whose condition, in the opinion of the medical authorities, does not engage the life of the patient. Medical or paramedical consultations with professionals of different countries for concrete cases, in where the doctors or paramedics will need the use of the network to establish or clarify diagnoses or a treatment."

PRIORITY THREE: "Request of notices of health conditions, Notices of birth or death, medical reports of routine or meteorological information of routine. Research of missed individuals."

PRIORITY FOUR: "Ecological protection, when the nature of the message comprises to take long-term measures and which will be intended to prevent and protect the state of the planet and its habitants".    

Historical Antecedents:

As it was explained, Internautes sans Frontieres is based on the concept and the action of the radio amateurs. In the case of the radio amateurs, their humanitarian aid was very limited by the conditions of propagation of the Hertzian waves, the power of the equipment, the orientation of its antennas, in addition to the difficulty of obtaining the licence of radio operator amateurs.

At that time, it was not possible to send images, documents and even the identity of the person who needed assistance and what relates to her situation, was at the reach of any person, who has a receiver with short wave.

However, it is possible today, by means of this network, to dispatch instantaneously medical prescriptions, mobile photographs, electrocardiograms, electroencephalograms, images, and any type of essential information which can help to save the lives or to reduce sufferings.    

By Internet, the Internautes sans Frontieres obtained the organization of a WORLD NETWORK without limitations, opened to all, and easy to use, even for those which have small knowledge in informatics.    

The division of the world in areas:

Each sector, receives the name of Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc, according to the international code of radiotelephony.    

Each sector has an Internet server, which is strategically located at the heart of each sector. It was decided to place local servers of excellent response and with a excellent technical capability, within those in the market as the most effectives and most reliables, in order to obtain excellent results.    

Currently, Internautes sans Frontieres, has five operational servers for the areas Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta and Eco. The remainders will be operative in the month in progress.

In each server, there are channels of emergencies corresponding to each country, with each province, state or area in which is politically divided the country.

In the server of each area exists one Web site where the local notes of each area are published, by country area etc....

To be member of the World Emergency Network, one can be registered from any Web site available on the Internet by declaring information in conformity with its identity which will be scrupulously checked by association.

The registration is completely free. In addition, participation in the Emergency Network is also free. This happens according to the time that each member may give to the network, and of course at the times that he consider as most suitable.

No member of the emergency network can request money or any other compensation for his/her participation in the network or the work carried out by others.

Once the inscription carried out, each recorded user, receives a "call signal" and a personal password which is non-transferable. The use of both enables the member to take part in the emergency network. This "call signal " is composed of:    

  • A letter which corresponds to the sector in where the member is participating.
  • Two letters which correspond to the country.

  • Two numbers which correspond to the city, the area, or province.

  • Six numbers which correspond to the number of member granted in the inscription.    

Thus, for example, an member from Argentina, , new recruit under number 230630, will have the signal of distinction according to:

Each sector has a "Head of Sector" and each country a "Head of Country."    

The member will be able to take part with his presence, permanence and messages in the channels of his province city, or area, and of his country. Each member is a potential detector of the emergency network, and he is interested in the problems of his community and/or his neighbours and will to offer his assistance.


  • A member of the emergency network learns that a neighbour, a friend, or just a person has a problem of health or is experiencing a situation which may need the assistance of the emergency network.
  • The member records the data necessary, and when he connects to Internet, he transmits the traffic to the EMERGENCY NETWORK.
  • Any member that can help in that particular matter reads the traffic, and contact the channel operator in order to make himself responsible of the above mentioned emergency.
  • The member must try to be connected to the network as much as possible according to his availability.    
  • The system of IRC, makes possible to be present in the channels of urgencies, to decrease the window of the channels on the task-bar, and to continue to exert its current obligations, to surf by Internet, etc…

If a certain urgency would arise in an area and there is a member of the emergency network in the known area that may help, the Operator of the channel calls the member by his "call signal" and automatically, the window which is in the task-bar of the user starts "to flicker " informing him that there is an emergency message which requires its attention.    

Each member reports the emergency message according to the established priorities to the Head of the Country, so that the same one decides if the emergency message have a national character or if it is an international one.    

In situations where the message is of a domestic nature ( i.e. that the urgency can be solved at the national level) the message will not leave the country.    

If the this message is international, the "Head of the Country" will bring it to the "Head of Sector," which decides which country will deal with the emergency message.

All the messages of urgencies of the channels are registered automatically in an automatic log book

When a member connects himself to the channels of the network automatically, he or she has access to the log book of the last four hours, where he will be able to see whether if appears an emergency message that might be requesting his help.    

If this happens he or she sends a private message to the operator to receive this message.    

In this way, we have a strict confidentiality and respect for the privacy of the person , since the data passed by the private channel and in confidential form will be only know by the operator and the member.

About Internautes sans Frontieres:

Internautes sans Frontieres is a non-governmental association created strictly for humanitary reasons, and without any commercial or economic interest.    

Their resources come exclusively from the private and/or governmental donations.    

No member of the emergency NETWORK is authorized to receive money or any other form of financial compensation (bonus of purchase or treasure) or in kind (favours, nourritures..Etc...) For his action, or the result of his cooperation.    

The accounts of the association will be exposed in the official site of INTERNAUTES SANS FRONTIERES (http://www.internautessansfrontières org), as well as the balance of the treasure with the headings "OWE" and "HAVE", so that everyone can know the financial state of the association, the donations and the expenses of the organization.

The organization does not accept under any pretext any donation which would be required to be kept in secret.

However, if a collaborator wishes to carry out an anonymous donation, a code will be assigned to him, which will be published in the Web site in order to refer the donation.    

  • Companies which offered their support to INTERNAUTES SANS FRONTIERES:    

The following companies offered their commercial, technical and human support for the achievement of our goals:









WAVENET (The United States)    


NETPLAN (The United Kingdom)

Contact Information:

Georges Godoy

+ 33 870720922

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