Genius in the Making - Two New DVD Releases Inspire Learning and Discovery

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"Brainy Baby® Peek-A-Boo" and "Brainy Baby® Laugh & Learn" Delivers Direct-to-DVD and VHS August 24, 2004 from The Brainy Company LLC

Baby's mind is primed for developing, and two new titles in the award-winning Brainy Baby DVD series inspire baby's learning through a fun, colorful, interactive experience. "Brainy Baby Peek-A-Boo" and "Brainy Baby Laugh & Learn," available direct-to-DVD and VHS from The Brainy Baby Company LLC, present eye-catching visuals of real babies and familiar objects in an age appropriate format that engages young viewers to further explore their developing world.

"It's been proven by child development experts again and again that children's minds are sponges that can absorb all sorts of wonderful information if you present it to them in a way they can understand and enjoy," says Dennis Fedoruk, president, The Brainy Baby Company LLC, based in Atlanta, Georgia. "Our new programs offer children the chance to further develop their minds in an enjoyable and interactive manner."

Recommended for ages six months to thirty-six months, "Peek-A-Boo" and "Laugh & Learn," will be available August 24, 2004 for a suggested retail price of $15.95 for the VHS and $19.95 for the DVD, which is loaded with bonus features like:

·    Scene selections

·    Baby Bloopers

·    An interactive storybook

·    Behind-the-Scenes making of the video

·     Fun learning activities like downloadable coloring sheets and sing-along songs with on-screen lyrics

·    Automatic and repeat play

A multicultural cast of children, familiar toys and objects (like mobiles), a pleasing soundtrack of classic music and familiar tunes, and slow-moving visuals (perfect for young eyes and attention spans) combine to present a charming and effective educational tool.

"Brainy Baby" can be part of your child's learning library, as well as other videos, books, toys, and educational products," says Fedoruk. "Watching Brainy Baby videos is not a passive activity—rather the program stimulates a child to interact with the action on the screen and encourages parent-child bonding through the fun activities."

"Peek-A-Boo” reintroduces the long-time favorite first game in a variety of amusing visuals that will capture children's attention again and again. The colorful toys, mobiles, and dancing marionettes will enchant infants who are just beginning to distinguish colors and shapes. Toddler viewers will be delighted by matching, size-comparison and lets-find-it games. Throughout the program are parents and grandparents singing favorites like "Wheels on the Bus" and "You Are My Sunshine" with their own little ones.

"Laugh & Learn" moves ahead to teach not only colors, numbers and letters, but also shapes, sizes and proportions. Real children and wonderful toys help to differentiate opposites such as near and far, over and under, fast and slow. A breathtaking view of fish, dolphins and undersea life is sure to enchant. Matching and guessing games invite interaction, and viewers won’t be able to resist embracing their natural playfulness and silliness as they watch the kids on the screen giving in to theirs. Song favorites like "The Alphabet Song" and "Bingo" are also shared with adults and their children.

Each new Brainy Baby DVD and VHS includes a guide to help parents complete their Brainy Baby libraries in sync with their children's development.

Peek-A-Boo and Laugh & Learn join the expanding collection of Brainy Baby Learning Library DVDs including “Right Brain,” “Left Brain,” “ABCs,” “123s,” “Shapes & Colors,” “Animals,” “Art,” and “Music.” Future Brainy Baby subjects include Sign Language, Math, Phonics, Pre-Reading. Brainy Baby also produces musical CDs, books, toys, and electronic games through licensing agreements with Vtech, Bendon Publishing and Imagination Entertainment.

This fall, the entire Brainy Baby DVD catalog will be released in Spanish for distribution in the U.S. and Mexico. For more information about Brainy Baby or to purchase products, visit or call toll free 1-877-455BABY (1-877-455-2229).

Brainy Baby became the first company to pioneer infant educational videos with the 1996 development and release of the dual titles, Brainy Baby Left Brain and Brainy Baby Right Brain. These 2 videos, which together inspire whole brain thinking, were a breakthrough in the baby video industry. The company now has 30 SKUs, which include 13 different video/DVD titles, as well as 6 Brainy Baby Music CDs, and a long list of Brainy Baby licensed books, toys and games. The company plans several new video releases in 2005.

The Brainy Baby Company was built to provide a solid, quality, educational base of educational products specifically for infant, toddler and pre-school children ages 6 months to 5 years, as well as providing a solid brand to extend throughout major markets. Each Brainy Baby video is 45 minutes long and designed for the parent a child to watch together. Carefully crafted with a creative mix of reality-based visuals, real children and colorful graphics, combined with both classical music and fun, kid-friendly songs, the programs are creatively paced for your viewers to capture the child’s attention, and then allow for “teachable moments” to occur.

Brainy Baby videos and DVDs have received rave reviews and over 20 awards from such prestigious organizations as Dr. Toy, Parent’s Choice, The National Parenting Publications of America, KIDS FIRST!, The Dove Foundation, and more. Parenting Magazine included Brainy Baby on their “Best Kid Vid of the Year” picks in 2003.

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