To the Governments of all the Nations of the World, to the United Nations General Secretary, to NATO General Secretary, to all Groups, Organizations, Non Profit and Profit Corporations, to all Individuals, to all People of the World

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

This week the Olympic Games 2004, in Athens, will start. The Opening Ceremony is Friday 13th of August. The participating Nations are the most ever present.

We are very pleased to say that everything is most than ready, as the Greek Government announced and the President of the IOC enthusiastically some days ago -after his last visit- declared. These Olympic Games were started in ancient Greece in 776 B.C and all Nations together participated in the Games, even if they were during war operations. They respected and stopped every enemy action giving Glory to their GODS and to their best competing athletes, who were representing, the Beauty and Harmony of the Human Body with the Healthy Mind.

The winners when were returning back to their hometown country were receiving special honors. A part of the high walls, which were surrounding the town, was thrown down for them to pass over and enter into the city. This was meant that this city with so Great Athletes didn't need to be protected by walls. Great Athletes, meant to them to be also connected "with brave souls", the Greatest Charisma of the Soul as Plato has written.

The Ancient Olympia, where the Stadiums, the Temples and many magnificent status and sculptures were created by the best artists and architects, was build in an area which had been selected by highly elevated spiritual people.

When you go there even today, you feel the light air vibrations to fulfil Your Self, in Your, very deep Insight, Being. Your senses participate in this magnificent feeling, cooperating with your soul and spirit, in this Harmonious High elevated environment. All the area has been purified from this eternal high elevated value of the Humanity.

Today, at this moment, I, Admiral P. Kikareas (ret), announce the start of a Worldwide "Move to Save the Humanity". This will be hosted for the present in the existing Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc/World Foundation for Peace and Security, entity. (

I call all the People of the World and all Governments, Organizations, Groups, Non Profit and Profit Corporations, the Secretary of United Nations and NATO, to send a message of their Participation. There is a page "contact us" in the website

Send your E-mail to, or Fax to +411-274-2285 with your coordinates and any comments or suggestions. Become a member and associate to this Great Start.


We, the participants, associates and members, Of the "Worldwide Move to Save the Humanity", DECLARE that, If anyone harms the Olympic Games by any means of terrorist action, will become our enemy and we will all together go against them and their associates, by all and any means, we may have. We will consider them as "Worst Criminals and Great Danger of the Humanity".

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Admiral P.Kikareas (ret) Ph.D.

Hellenic Aspis & Associates Inc

World Foundation For Peace & Security

Chairman & CEO

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