Terrorists Are Ready To Attack, Are You Prepared?

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Leadership and management advisor Dennis Sommer shows company leaders how they can prepare their company and employees for a terrorist attack. Company leaders take notice. You are losing millions of dollars in revenue without a terrorist attack taking place. Everyday TV, radio, and newspapers tell us a horrendous terrorist attack can happen at any moment. Who is the target? It may be your company. Many of your employees are scared, confused, and can not perform their daily work. Company leaders must take action now before it is too late.

By following these steps, business leaders will help raise employee morale, improve productivity, and keep the revenue flowing.

1) Prepare For A Terrorist Attack

Security of employees, business information, and physical buildings are the three top areas of focus when preparing for a terrorist attack or natural disaster. The following actions can be taken to prepare for any kind of terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Employee Security

The employees well being always takes priority in a business. When a leader focuses on the employees concerns and security, the business will take care of itself. Follow these steps for employee security.

1.    Include employees on security initiatives

2.    Meet with employees to discuss security plans

3.    Listen to employees about their needs

4.    Provide counseling services

5.    Prepare a family disaster plan

Secure Business Information

Most company's are heavily reliant on information data, especially banking, financial, insurance, and health care institutions. It is critical to business continuity to have secure backups of this information in case the computer systems are destroyed in a disaster. Follow these steps to secure business information.

1.    Perform daily backups of all critical information

2.    Have a disaster recovery plan ready and tested

3.    Setup backup data centers

Secure Physical Building

Tight security around office buildings deters terrorist attacks and gives employees comfort when at work. When employees feel secure at work, their morale and productivity will remain high. The following steps are performed to secure your buildings. Follow these steps to secure physical buildings.

1.    Perform background checks on all employees

2.    Issue ID cards to all employees

3.    Install security systems

4.    Check in visitors

5.    Escort visitors

6.    Install cameras

7.    Search vehicles

8.    Build perimeter blockades

2) Take Action After A Terrorist Attack

When a terrorist attack occurs, company leaders must take action to help their employees cope with the tragedy while continuing to operate their business. By focusing on the employees concerns, the business will take care of itself. When no action is taken, employees can bring a business to a stand still by self preservation, lack of concentration and low productivity. Take care of your employees and business by performing the following steps during and after a crisis. Follow these steps when a disaster strikes.

1.    Implement disaster plan

2.    Meet with employees to discuss events

3.    Provide counseling services

4.    Show compassion

5.    Allow employees to vent

6.    Pay attention to safety issues

7.    Monitor the aftershock

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