Ultimate Loose Skin Solution System Helps Skin Stretched Out From Pregnancy

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Rejoice! Products Found to Diminish Stretch Marks and Combat Loose, Post-Partum Skin

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The Rejoice! Ultimate Loose Skin Solution System was developed specifically for people who experience rapid weight loss, usually as a result of weight loss surgery, to help combat the loose, crepey skin that develops as they lose weight. However, the good news has spread to an entirely different group with a similar problem: pregnant women.

“We have received a surprising number of inquiries from pregnant women who want to use the Rejoice! products for the loose, stretch-marked skin on their lower backs and tummies,” said Rejoice! Systems, Inc. founder, Kasie Snyder. “The reports have started coming in, and these women are extremely pleased with their results.”

“Pregnancy and obesity combined with rapid weight loss have very similar effects on the skin,” Ms. Snyder explained. “As a woman’s pregnant belly swells, the skin is stretched out to accommodate the pregnancy. Then when she has the baby, and even more so as she loses the extra weight from the pregnancy, this stretched out skin sags in the lower abdomen. This is the same cycle that the skin goes through in an obese person who loses their extra weight. In both cases, the skin is stretched out and does not have enough time to respond to the changes.”

Results Speak For Themselves

The information that is coming in indicates that the women who get the best results are using the Skin Preparation Formula throughout the pregnancy, then changing to the Skin Tightening Formula after the baby is born. They are experiencing fewer stretch marks and those that still develop are greatly diminished. After the baby comes, the Post-Op Formula helps to tighten and firm the skin the belly skin and get it back to its pre-pregnancy shape. When there is a considerable weight gain to support the pregnancy, they are extending the use of the products to the thighs to help prevent the development of cellulite, and to the backs of the upper arms to keep them toned and prevent the ‘Grandma wave.’ Some of the women are stating that their skin actually looks better after pregnancy than it did before.

The Rejoice! Skin Preparation Formula™ works deep within the skin to increase synthesis of elastin and collagen, improve epidermal cellularity, and begin reversing the cellulite cycle to maximize skin health. After pregnancy, the Rejoice! Skin Tightening Formula™ helps combat loose, sagging skin and improve the skin’s tone and texture. It increases micro-circulation to maximize cell metabolism, delivers essential fatty acids to keep the skin well-hydrated, improves skin memory and resilience, increases collagen and elastin synthesis, and helps reverse cellulite.

Once the new Moms see the fantastic results they got from the full-body formulas, they usually start ordering the Rejoice! Total Face Kit™ to help them stay looking young and keep that radiant glow. This kit contains two full-sized products: Rejoice! Face Solution™ and Rejoice! Eye Solution™. The Face Solution is a superior moisturizer with fabulous antioxidants. It also combats the signs of aging and restores the skin’s natural resiliency and elasticity. The Eye Solution corrects prominent fat cells under the eye, controls swelling and puffiness, rebuilds elastin and collagen, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, hydrates and tightens sagging skin, and helps firm and restore skin tone.

About Rejoice! Systems, Inc.

The Rejoice! Founder and CEO, Kasie Snyder, had gastric bypass surgery, a form of weight loss surgery, in May 2002 and has experienced a rapid weight loss of 150 pounds. Ms. Snyder’s experience provided her with insight necessary to understand the physical and emotional changes a person goes through as they lose massive amounts of weight, and this insight inspired her to launch Rejoice! Systems, Inc. Rejoice! Systems, Inc. is a Nevada corporation whose primary purpose is to provide effective solutions for the problems associated with rapid weight loss.

Rejoice!, Ultimate Loose Skin Solution System, Pre-Op Skin Preparation Formula, Pre-Op Kit, Post-Op Skin Tightening Formula, Post-Op Kit, Face Solution, Eye Solution, and Total Face Kit are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Rejoice! Systems, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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The entire Rejoice! Ultimate Loose Skin Solution System is available for purchase at http://www.rejoicesystems.com. Obstetricians, Midwives, Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologists who are interested in offering the products directly to their patients may contact Rejoice! Systems at info@rejoicesystems.com for more information on their Professional Affiliate program.

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