Elections over. No Fat Cat Left behind.

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Here’s an 11” x 17” poster with in-your-face information that's not easy for most people to take. That’s why it will work. Because it’s hard to dismiss hard-nosed facts in a world that’s a nasty place because of terrorism, fat cats and thieving petro-barons. It is also your chance to hang or even nail fat cats: The same guys that are picking your pocket every day. The strategy is to get the message across in a brief, succinct and right-to-the-point way? “Not a pretty picture” says Stan Cotton creator of the patrioticallycorrect.org poster showing a gloating fat cat. It’s a sad, but telling reminder of America’s need to demand accountability from elected politicians and bureaucrats by dumping politicians in the pockets of fat cats. And the need as well for national print media to publish the “Get Out The Vote “ fat cat poster far and wide.

That’s the charge to every voter in America who wants to change the sorry state of the USA politics.

Get yourself a copy of the “Fat Cat Get out the vote” poster off the Internet – that illustrates a greedy fat cat that’s literally public enemy #1 straddled on the backs of the donkey and elephant political symbols withan armed terrorist perched on his shoulders.

Hang the poster in offices, plants, factories, service stations, truck stops, malls and other high traffic shopping areas.

It’s not a new approach. The patriotic poster has been used as a social statement to spread ideas, promote causes, urge conservation of resources, sway public opinion and unite people, as a rallying cry is back for years.

This time to boost awareness of the benefits of voting and making your voice count. The fat cat poster acts as a shock prop, a wake up call, to help free America from fat cat politics that serves only special interests by dumping politicians that have sold out to special interests,. And the public be damned.

It’s the duty of every newspaper in America to publish this 11” x 17“ fat cat” poster to reach to the gut of John and Jane Q. Voter and their families, friends and associates to tell them that the status quo is just not good any more – not that it ever was.

Why? Voter apathy has broken the 50 percent mark. Just over half of the people in America who could vote won’t make that trip to the polls. That’s a shameful statistic. And if citizens don’t do something about it, the “fat cat” will reign over political parties. The “cat” will aspire to bigger and greedier things while lazy Americans languish in their energy meltdown.

The 51.7 percent of “ho-hum, not today, I’ve got a headache” voters have no one to blame but themselves when government gouges them with higher taxes, when lobbyists ply their sleazy game without public oversight and politicians jam it to citizens without a thought to retribution.

America’s print media must come to the rescue. Like the cavalry riding over the hill, by publishing the psoter, they show voters how to cut to the chase, to reconnect with the American spirit and tackle the bottom line.

But newspapers can benefit, too. Like John Hancock, they can put their masthead at the top of the ad for all to see – and so that all will know that this newspaper supports a voter renaissance, a rebirth of the patriotic spirit, the clarion call for citizens to head for the polls on Nov. 2 and change the direction of a nation.

Voters can get more information on how to secure their own “fat cat” poster by logging on to http://www.patrioticallycorrect.org . But newspapers can benefit, too. By publishing the posters with sponsors backing, It let’s all readers know that this newspaper supports a voter renaissance, a rebirth of the patriotic spirit, the clarion call for citizens to head for the polls on Nov. 2 and change the direction of a nation.

Editors, let the public know you’re on their side. From Poor Richard’s Almanacs to The Federalist Papers, from the urban dailies to the small-town weeklies, the media in America have a stake in freeing this nation from the sweaty hands of corporate slugs and political hacks.

It’s going to take a lot of votes – and a renewed interest from an electorate that’s been lulled into a false sense of futility – to topple the “fat cat” politicians who are all pumped up with a false sense of authority.

Patrioticallycorrect.org is on the front line of this campaign to smash apathy with its “fat cat” poster. Newspapers must join the fight.

For without voter interest, there can be no democracy. And without democracy, there can be no America.

And without the essence of America, we would be a nation of corporations, each existing for its own benefit.

The “fat cat” poster cries out to apathy-stricken Americans to fight for their heritage and revive the spirit of the nation builders.

Thomas Jefferson warned us: “Apathy is the forerunner of dictatorship.”

Don’t let that happen. Turn apathy into action.

Get a “fat cat” poster on http://www.patrioticallycorrect.org. today.

Then get out and vote.

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