Citizens speak out on the weaknesses of Florida's Terri's Law to protect re Terri Schiavo in the pending Supreme Court case.

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Twenty-three (23) citizens speak out on the weaknesses of Terri's Law, the law which allowed Florida Governor Jeb Bush to order Terri Schiavo's feeding tube reinserted. One local citizen is asking Florida's High Court to enforce more appropriate laws to protect the disabled and elderly.

Papers filed today in Florida's Supreme Court put the court on notice and provided documentation to verify that many citizens are angry about shortcomings in the hastily-passed Terri's Law; There were claims that the citizen initially filing this complaint was alone in his view.

While many parties fight over the hastily-passed “Terri’s Law” in Florida’s Supreme Court, the only court filings in recent months to offer any protection to the person of “Terri Schiavo” are being filed by Terri’s family’s attorney, Pat Anderson, and Lakeland resident, Gordon Watts; Even were Florida Governor, Jeb Bush, to win his court case, a clause in “Terri’s Law” gives any future governor the right to remove Theresa Schiavo’s feeding tube. Further, this law “expired” 15 days after passage, which results in the governor’s inability to issue any “stay” in the future to any other citizen, as was done with Schiavo.

Biologist, Gordon Watts, A.S., B.S., editor of the online publication, The Register, has filed a request in Florida’s Supreme Court, seeking acceptance of a brief, in support of Michael Schiavo’s petition to avoid implementation of public law 03-418, the disputed 'Terri’s Law'. Watts, who previously supported the hastily-enacted law, has made a reversal in his position due to the law’s ineffectiveness to protect, as well as the fact the dispute over 'Terri’s Law' has detracted much-needed focus from actual abuses. The 3 Watts briefs are posted at The Register website and posted online at the Florida Supreme Court:

Many other citizens who support Watts’ efforts, have spoken out against the shortcomings of "Terri’s Law," and have consented to providing statements with full contact data, to verify that real people signed this, not one person forging names, like an "online petition." These citizens added their voices in response to claims that Watts was a mere one-person "Lone Ranger" in his complaints.

See: for details, or log onto the link provided in this release -with discussion -and documented proof of -press bias, some very disturbing examples.

If you wish to see what happens when other people turn a deaf ear and a blind eye, and wait for someone else to act, these links are for you: Regardless of whether or not one thinks Terri would be "better off dead," it is a felony to deprive a person of standard food, even if a feeding tube is removed. Death, however, would likely occur from lack of water, because a person can only last a few days without water. Dehydration, many experts say, is cruel and painful, and this is why it is illegal in many states to starve or dehydrate an animal.

Critics ask "why not give her lethal injection" and get it over with, as it is more humane, but even this is felony crime in Florida: Dehydration would be crueler, thus more illegal.

Updates to the ongoing court action, "Terri's Law" details, are featured herein, which "mainstream" media often avoids.

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