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Mesotherapy, the latest fat-melting fad, promises to target your fat spots with little hassle, little pain, and big results. Some people swear by the practice. Here is the truthÂ?

I lost 2 1/2 inches almost immediately

Beverly Hills-August 12, 2004 -- What if you could get liposuction results without surgery? In a doctor's office, over several short visits, with only a smidgen of pain? What if, like singer Roberta Flack, you could say, "I lost 2 1/2 inches almost immediately"? Call it "hope in a needle.” Can injecting substances into your skin make it smoother and melt away fat? It involves injecting small amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs into the middle layer of skin, or mesoderm. "It's more than just hope," says Simon Ourian MD, president of the American Society of Mesotherapy Treatments (800-828-6466), injecting his clients with a cocktail of plant extracts, vitamins and medications (such as a drug for treating asthma). The concoction is supposed to stimulate fat cells to shed fat.

Extraordinary injections that dissolve fat and take off inches—was administered by only a handful of American doctors a year ago. But now, the treatment is available in clinics across the United States. Dr. Simon Ourian, of the world-renowned Epione Medical Corporation in Beverly Hills, has had tremendous success with his own patients and now trains other doctors in the revolutionary therapy. “We are very excited to be able to offer a kinder, gentler alternative to invasive liposuction,” Dr. Ourian says.

From shrinking love handles, flattening tummies and smoothing under-arm bulges to eliminating under-eye fat pads, double chins and orange peel thighs, Mesotherapy continues to receive rave reviews as a preferable alternative to liposuction.

Mesotherapies are injection cocktails containing various vitamins and homeopathic medicines. Since the general term Mesotherapy simply refers to injecting therapeutic solutions into the mesoderm layer beneath the skin, what is accomplished within that layer is determined by the specific solutions contained in each 4mm syringe. The formula Dr. Ourian uses to remove fat contains, amongst others, a natural enzyme protein , which liquefies fat on contact and gradually eliminates it throughout the body. Patients typically lose one-half pound of fat with each shot. The recipe also includes toning minerals, an asthma medicine normally taken orally, an anesthetic, and a beta-blocker to inhibit fat-building receptors of cells. “We remove the fat in three to five treatments in order to avoid stressing the body’s elimination system,” Dr. Ourian says. This gradual approach, with shots scheduled one month apart, allows for a virtually side-effect-free treatment with very satisfied patients.

“My pants fit looser after just one shot, and now, one month later, my waist is a full inch smaller,” reports Jennifer Anderson as she prepares for her second session. Doctors have reported some minor bruising and swelling at the injection sites as the fat breaks down, but even these mild inconveniences can usually be alleviated with the use of Arnica, a homeopathic bruise deterrent.

Mesotherapy patients can lose between 1-2 pounds following each treatment. The continuous stream of fat being carried off through the bloodstream or the absence of hungry fat cells demanding fuel may contribute to this weight loss. Years ago, liposuction was one of the only cosmetic solutions for removing excess weight. The painful surgery and weeks of recovery sometimes delivered unsatisfactory results. Mesotherapy doctors are especially impressed with the smooth effects, as opposed to the unevenness or lumpiness sometimes associated with traditional, surgical liposuction.

Tina,* an athletic 29-year old, reports having had liposuction on her abdomen three times in an effort to spot reduce the stubborn area that did not respond to diet and exercise. “The doctor called the last two times touch-ups, but even after all I went through, he was unable to give me the perfectly even, flat tummy I wanted,” she confides. Upon finding Dr. Ourian and beginning Mesotherapy treatments, Tina simply pointed out the small spots that were pudgier from the liposuction incident and Dr. Ourian mapped out the injections accordingly, using more of the solution on the fuller spots. “The results are unbelievable!” Tina reports. “Not only is my whole tummy trimmer, but the slight bulge on the right side is completely gone. It looks so smooth and natural—no more lumps.”

“To ensure that fat loss is evenly distributed, I normally administer multiple injections, each about one inch apart,” Dr. Ourian explains. “In Tina’s case, I used half-inch doses in the areas that needed to be evened out. I am happy with the precision and smoothness I can achieve with this treatment.”

FDA Approval

Mesotherapy originated in Europe, where it has been recognized as a medical specialty by the French Academy of Medicine since 1987. “It’s not exactly new,” Dr. Ourian says. “Various forms of Mesotherapy have been safely practiced in Europe for more than 50 years and have been overseen by the International Society of Mesotherapy in France for 15 years.” Before patients in the United States were lining up for the fat-melting brew, mesotherapy was being used successfully to shrink benign fat tumors encapsulated by connective tissue, a condition physiologically similar to cellulite. Now that doctors in the United States have embraced Mesotherapy for cosmetic purposes, patients are clamoring to get it for cellulite reduction alone. Even in Europe, where innovative cosmetic treatments abound, Mesotherapy is known as the best treatment to eliminate cellulite. “The results we’ve seen with cellulite correction have been dramatic and lasting,” Dr. Ourian says.

It is possible to put inches back on if you substantially gain weight, but the new fat typically shows up in other areas that were untreated. Some of Dr. Ourian’s patients even noticed that their breasts became slightly fuller as their body weight was redistributed after problem areas were treated. “This is a side effect they don’t seem to mind,” Dr. Ourian jokes. Mesotherapy provides best results when accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise. With all the benefits of liposuction and none of the associated risks, Mesotherapy is clearly the ultimate modern weapon in the battle against the bulge.

Before and after photos are available upon request.

Dr. Ourian’s Epione, located in Beverly Hills’ “Golden Triangle,” is among the world’s most comprehensive and state-of-the-art laser and aesthetic surgery centers. Epione provides the most current technology available for skin, hair and body contouring. Dr. Ourian has been a pioneer for laser technology and noninvasive aesthetic procedures for acne, skin discoloration, wrinkles, and Mesotherapy. For further information, please contact 800-828-6466 or visit

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