Wordtracker and XML Feeds - Interview with Wordtracker Founder Andy Mindel and John Alexander

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Wordtracker is the top keyword research tool of choice by many professional search engine optimizers today

Wordtracker founder Andy Mindel chats with John Alexander about how Wordtracker makes use of XML feeds and how technical programmers can take advantage of Wordtracker's new API.

For our interview today on the topic of XML feeds, I would like to welcome Andy Mindel, the founder of Wordtracker (http://www.Wordtracker.com/moreinfo.html ).

John Alexander: "Greetings Andy Mindel and thank you for taking time to speak with us today."

Andy Mindel: "Thank you John, it's a pleasure."

John Alexander: "Many professional Web developers may be interested to learn more about Wordtrackers API or (Application Programmer's Interface) so I wondered if you could explain a bit about it and it's purpose to our readers?"

Andy Mindel: "The API gives third party software applications access to our keyword data and search tools. The way we see it is that there are many developers out there creating all sorts of fantastic applications, many of the applications can benefit from having our information within them, so we make it possible."

John Alexander: "We hear quite a bit today about the use of XML feeds so could you take a few minutes to briefly explain to readers how Wordtracker is making use of XML feeds?"

Andy Mindel: "XML feeds are ubiquitous on the internet. We personally use feeds for our affiliate software, accounting software and payment systems. They allow our servers to speak to others behind the scenes and in a language that the computers can understand."

John Alexander: "Can you describe some of the benefits of using these XML Feeds?"

Andy Mindel: "Feeds allow one computer to speak to another in a common language. They allow software application written in different languages to communicate with each other seamlessly over the web."

"We believe that webservices is a revolution and will change the way companies do business. You could utilize the Alexa API and combine with Googles API to create something completely new. The options for creating and unleashing new ideas are endless. An example of someone who makes good use of numerous API's is http://www.digitalpoint.com. "

John Alexander: "Andy, many web development industry professionals may be interested in learning more about all of this. Are there any resources you could mention for recommendded reading?"

Andy Mindel: "Here are a few recommended articles..."

I would also head to http://www.google.com/apis/ as well as the newsgroups that discuss the API.

Also http://infoether.com/Assets/Enabling%20the%20Web%20Services%20Revolution.pdf

John Alexander: "Do you have further suggestions where people can go to learn more about Wordtracker's API?"

Andy Mindel: "If anyone is interested in utilizing the Wordtracker API, please contact us at support@wordtracker.com where we can send through details and speak to you about the possibilities."

John Alexander: "Andy, Wordtracker's reputation with professional search engine marketers, is second to none for enabling people to stay on the leading edge for performing essentials like keyword research. Many Wordtracker users are probably wanting to hear a bit about the exciting features you are working on in the new, upcoming Wordtracker upgrade."

Andy Mindel: "Thanks, we've been working hard on the new Wordtracker and its getting close."

John Alexander: "Are you at liberty to share a little bit about what new features will be coming to Wordtracker soon?"

Andy Mindel: "Some things to wet your taste buds are a new misspellings search, the webservices, additional projects and other additional mining tools to help you pull even more useful keywords from the database. The other features will be released gradually into the new system, for those you'll just have to wait and see."

John Alexander: " I am certain we all will be looking forward to seeing what you have to roll out in the future. Thanks again for taking time to chat with us today about the use of Wordtracker API. It's been a pleasure chatting with you."

Andy Mindel: "Cheers for the opportunity to share the thoughts with you."

About John Alexander

John Alexander is Co-director of Training at Search Engine Workshops (http://www.searchengineworkshops.com) offering live, SEO Workshops with partner Robin Nobles as well as online search engine marketing courses through Online Web Training. John is author of an e-book called Wordtracker Magic http://www.wordtracker-magic.com and co-author of the Totally Non-Technical Guide for A Successful Web Site (http://www.tnt-guide.com). John is also an official member of the customer support team at Wordtracker (http://www.Wordtracker.com/moreinfo.html).

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