U.S Tech Organization Demands Retraction, Apology for Articles Implicating it in Death of Microsoft Contractor

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The IT Professionals Association of America inc (ITPAA) is demanding a retraction and apology from Silicon India and India Daily for their publishing stories suggesting ITPAA involvement in the death of Microsoft contractor and Indian National Partho Sarthi Ghosh.

Scott Kirwin is the president and founder of IT Professionals Association of America, Inc. (ITPAA). The ITPAA’s purpose is a political organization to help preserve and improve American information technology professions in the United States. (http:// http://www.itpaa.org) The web site of ITPAA offers the public information on how many American developed high tech jobs have been offshored. It also provides information on the employment of foreign nationals in the USA and what Americans can do to lawfully become engaged in exercising their US Constitutional rights of Free Speech and seeking government redress.

This week, Mr. Kirwin was contacted by many concerned fellow Americans from across the country that the India press has released a highly inflammatory story about the tragic and untimely death of Mr. Partho Sarthi Ghosh who died on July 27, 2004 in Bellevue, Washington. Mr. Ghosh was a programmer employed by Microsoft who was in the US with five other Indians obtaining computer training at Microsoft’s US headquarters. Mr. Ghosh, 24 years old, was found in his hotel room on the floor covered with a blanket. There were no signs of any trauma. An autopsy is continuing with results of toxicology studies expected within the next two months.    Unfortunately, the Indian press has suggested that “xenophobic” Americans and even suggested that ITPAA members may have a connection to Mr. Ghosh’s death.

This kind of inflammatory and inaccurate press coverage cannot be left to stand when the articles "Partho of Microsoft found dead in Seattle", "Microsoft man goes to US for training, dies mysteriously" Aug 6, 2004 are without any merit. The Belluvue Police Department has stated that there is no sign of any trauma on Mr. Ghosh’s body. Nor has the police department suggested that they believe that this death is in any manner a ‘hate crime.' The delays that the Indian media are using to accuse U.S authorities of "concealing facts" about the case reflect the standard operating procedures of the investigating authorities for all incidents classified by the police as an "unattended death."

The ITPAA has written to the primary outlets of the story, Silicon India and India Daily, demanding a retraction of their story(s) and the publishing of public apologies to the ITPAA and to all Americans for this inflammatory and anti-American reporting. Silicon India and India Daily's authorization to publish for international readership was clearly motivated to create fear and animosity between Indian and American technical professionals for the political gains of India.

Scott Kirwin states, "We are a lawful American organization made up of American nationals and residents of all ethnicities, including Indians. We are exercising our American freedoms to attempt to lawfully save our jobs from being offshored. We lawfully and non-violently oppose the American managers who send the jobs abroad, not the tens of thousands of aliens citizens that have taken American jobs. This kind of inflammatory and anti-American reporting simply is designed to create fear and animosity between American and Indian technical professionals for political gain. These outlets, Silicon India and India Daily, have attempted to further their agenda that India and Indians are but victims of world intolerance and has been willing to even use the unattended and non-traumatic death of a fellow countryman to inflame and incite public opinion with false information. Why these outlets would attempt to further their agenda against America and Americans using the untimely death of Mr. Ghosh, is simply disturbing to everyone who knows the facts. The ITPAA would like to offer our sympathies to the Ghosh family at the loss of their young son in our country."

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