David Did What Goliath Didn't -- He Stopped Spam

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Stamped e-mail is an impossible task, said all and sundry. Major infrastructure changes would be needed, micropayment schemes, computational stamps and the like, so only Giants like Microsoft or Earthlink could make it happen, but Martel Firing went ahead and did it anyway. His stamped email program, UseBestMail provides a spam-free stamped email channel without infrastructure changes and incorporates the best features of competing products, to block spam from non-stamped mail as well. Now, with UseBestMail, the skeptics are silenced and we can all enjoy a spam-free channel for our email, right now, right here, today.

David, (aka Martel Firing) has again bested Goliath (aka Microsoft, Symantec, and lots of big ISP's) by producing a spam-free email channel based on stamps, and it uses existing email infrastructure.

Martel Firing, a programmer whose experience dates back to forgotten products from earliest IBM PC days has introduced a new product that lets people communicate in a spam-free channel among themselves, free of charge. It also permits legitimate mass mail but prevents spam from being sent to its users. The unique and notable difference here is that no infrastructure changes are needed to make it all work. All other email is handled normally, but the spam-free channel delivers 100% certified and validated spam-free email.

Firing was told by all and sundry that this was an impossible task, that everyone would have to convert before anyone would, that major infrastructure changes would be needed, that only Giants could make it happen. But he's a bull headed programmer/businessman and did it anyway.

The principal idea is that it is better to prevent sending of spam email than to filter or block it later on. Email should work smoothly for everyone except the spammer. One method, the use of stamps, has been kicked around for some time. The basic idea is to impose costs on the spammer thus destroying his business model. Microsoft has the Penny Black project and there was some publicity recently about Bill Gates endorsing stamps. Others have talked about methods involving infrastructure changes, micro-payment schemes, computational stamps and other details. But neither Bill Gates nor anyone else has made stamps work in the real world, until now.

Firing's product, called UseBestMail, works quite simply. Software on the user's computer communicates with the UseBestMail server and affixes a stamp to each outgoing email. This email is transmitted through normal email channels to the recipient. The recipient's UseBestMail software uses the UseBestMail server to validate the stamp and present the message in a preferential manner by marking it's subject line. The UseBestMail server does not censor or even see the mail itself, so it is confidential, fast and capable of handling a very large volume of traffic.

Spammers can't UseBestMail. It is quick for one or a few messages, but for a large number of messages, it imposes an ever increasing delay on the acquisition of stamps. The sender of a single email won't even notice the delay and sending the church newsletter may take a little longer, but for the spammer, who sends thousands, or even millions of emails the delay is unbearable. It would tie up his computer for days or weeks. Additional computer horsepower won't help him and each stamp is good for only one message and one recipient, so stamps can't be stored or re-used.

UseBestMail accommodates legitimate bulk mailers as well. Catalog companies, web merchants, brokerages, and others send email that is welcomed by recipients. UseBestMail provides mail-server level software and charges $0.05 per stamp for non-delayed service. Commercial (paid) mail is marked as such, but is received as valid stamped mail. If you know someone has paid a significant sum to send you mail, you'll probably appreciate it if you haven't subscribed to it in the first place.

But the most difficult of all hurdles was the chicken and egg problem. Nearly everyone said it couldn't work because nobody would use it until it was universally adopted. Who would want to be the first? So Firing incorporated the best features of competing products making UseBestMail a first-class spam blocker for all email, not just stamped mail. Firing figures that as people become accustomed to the certainty and streamlined functionality of stamped mail they'll encourage its use, but in the meantime they have a very functional anti-spam solution employing proven technology.

The second answer to the chicken and egg dilemma turned out to be a technology called FriendMark. This allows mail between affiliated people to be uniquely identified and validated. A Friendmark is good for a club, a company, a shared interest or any affiliation of people who frequently need to share email. It is especially useful if many of these people, although sharing an affiliation, don't already know each other. The first implementation of FriendMark is the eBay Edition of UseBestMail. Email between eBay buyers and sellers who UseBestMail is validated by stamps and uniquely identified by their eBay affiliation. In the recipient's inbox the FriendMark automatically identifies the correspondence as eBay related. Firing expects lots of other groups and organizations who want a spam-free channel to request a FriendMark of their own and is ready to accommodate them.

Some call Firing "Don Quixote" rather than David. And of course, all Don Quixotes and Giant Killers need to have their story read, not just published. Which, of course, is the reason for the telling of this story.

In conclusion, UseBestMail is not just a concept; it works right now and it's available right now. For those who want to try out UseBestMail free of charge, you are invited to visit Firing's website: http://www.UseBestMail.com to obtain a 30-day free trial download of the full product. Or if you prefer to have a CD, it is available on eBay.. Firing stands behind the product 100%, offers a money-back guarantee and personal support, and hopes you'll give it a try.

For additional information, contact:

Martel Firing

HCR-2, Box 756

Tucson, AZ 85735

phone: 520-822-9920

web: http://www.usebestmail.com
blog: http://usebestmail.blogspot.com

UseBestMail and FriendMark are a trademarks of Martel Firing, dba Signal Trading, LLC.

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