District 34 State Senate Candidate Sheeler Addresses Tough Voter Email Inquiries

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The use of electronic media has provided a forum to over 8,000 district subscribers to ask elected officials and candidates for office their views. Dr. Sheeler responds to a representative inquiry to provide an insight to what voters want to know and the responses they receive.

Last evening District 34 Candidate Carl L. Sheeler, Ph.D., received one of a growing number of email inquiries or support at his campaign website http://www.SHEELER4RISenate.com.

"Most have been very supportive. It occurred to me if I could convince each person who has taken their time who tell his/her neighbors, friends and work associates about me, then I was on the way to a groundswell of support."

Sheeler explained he always applauds the voter taking the time to ask questions and that everyone has a first time serving in elected office. “The democratic process is built to bring new people with new ideas, better skills and various backgrounds into public service. I believe I can make a real difference. The traits an official should possess should include a track record of integrity, candor, loyalty, intelligence, leadership, compassion and ability to be innovative and proactive particularly during times of crisis,” said Sheeler.

"Much of who I am is as a direct result of my experiences. I grew up in a fairly rough neighborhood in Brooklyn before eventually settling in Rhode Island. My grandparents were immigrants. One was a tailor and the other was a typesetter and fisherman. My father was the first in his family to attend college and worked for the federal government for almost 30 years. My mom stayed at home. They were married until he died seven years ago. I learned that hard work, honesty and accountability does pay.”

“A little bit of them has been with me whether I was a newly minted US Marine and later during Desert Storm or working in corporate America as a planner, financial analyst or executive. It lead to my desire to volunteer teaching adult literacy, supporting the Special Olympics, Salvation Army, MS and advocating for foster care children. I have a personal track record of saving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes for clients and winning over 95% of the cases in which I am retained as an expert to testify because of that tenacity.”

I see myself as an ordinary man who is capable of doing extraordinary things. We all have this ability and most of us are doing it every day, whether as a spouse, parent, teacher, employee or employer. Every voter can do it by getting involved in the solutions to our communities' problems.

I’m doing it by running for the senate seat where I believe I can do the most good. I believe people want to elect someone who is responsive to their needs. Public involvement and inquiry is exactly what voters should be doing to make change.”

" I believe I have an innovative plan after the Reaganomics model of less taxes and less government in order to shift taxes away from most property owners and the middle class. I have worked with over 500 business owners, attorneys and financial advisors during the past twelve years. We need this ability to induce CEO's to move jobs and economic stimulus to our district and state. We’ll certainly need to revise our present tax structure to achieve this. I am in favor of developing a master-planned community with housing and retail stores in the Centre of New England that the people of South County can enjoy. I have been in contact with Amgen to seek their involvement in the Centre as well as our district and state as a corporate good neighbor. I hope to convince GTech to do so as well.”

"I believe I have a significantly better understanding of veteran's, women's and retiree issues having worked closely with all three groups in a number of diverse and hands-on ways. I have invited representatives from several women’s groups, the AARP and Major General Reginald Centracchio to discuss these issues. This ranges from ensuring pensions and benefits remain intact to concerns for the public's welfare and safety.”

"I believe I can address many of the public's concerns about their distrust in their elected officials in the State House by proposing a public forum quarterly to identify what the public's interests are. I would invite the Town Council Presidents, Heads of the School District Committees and appropriate district representatives from the house, too.

"I would like to see a municipal investment in a full-time grant writer to obtain federal, state and corporate funds instead of relying on property taxes. I have discussed a revision to our existing in-state healthcare system with senior executives and elected officials that could ensure coverage to all Rhode Island citizens. This plan would include financial inducements for participation in “wellness programs” and a menu allowing each participant to select the level of coverage that best accommodates their needs.”

"For those folks who are interested in learning more and having good grub to boot, I am having a fundraiser on August 30 at the Exeter Homestead Restaurant. They can get details at my website,” expressed Dr. Sheeler.

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