History doesn't have to keep repeating itself in your life.

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Learn how people are changing their lives in just minutes a day using these clinically proven tools.

People no longer need to waste tens of thousands of dollars or more in a futile attempt to heal their past. With the use of the simple, clinically proven tools outlined in the new book “Been There, Done That? DO THIS!” by Sam Obitz (http://www.tao3.com) they can fix themselves and begin to achieve their goals and learn to live in the here and now. They will learn how to take advantage of the opportunities in front of them, rather than continuing to be stuck dwelling on what is now behind them.

Without the benefit of any promotion to date this book has achieved a loyal following and has sales in The United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Sweden, India, Singapore and 43 of the states in the USA.

Many people spend years or even decades in therapy and support groups in an effort to heal hurts inflicted on them in the past. What they do not realize is that they would be much better served learning the tools that enable them to deal effectively with their future and reduce the amount of stress they experience over the remainder of their lives.

Obitz uses his own experiences to illustrate the many pitfalls of therapy and medication before he shares the tools that freed him from dependence on both. The tools are based on correcting the thinking errors people make that lead to increased stress and a draining of their energy. “One of the most appealing aspects of this book is that it’s simplified to the point that it is useful for both sub-clinical and clinical anxiety problems” says Dr. J. Ota M.D., chief of a major city’s emergency department. “Almost everyone makes some of the thinking errors these tools teach you to correct.”

Though these tools have been around for over 25 years, not until this book have they been put in such a user-friendly form, which makes them both easy to access and comprehend. “This book was written in a very inspiring way for those who are suffering” says Michelle Craske Ph.D. of UCLA who wrote the foreword to the book. “I like to give it to my incoming clients to give them more confidence. This book will be a source of education and inspiration for the many who suffer from anxiety but do not believe that treatment would be effective for them.”

The tools outlined in this book gave the author a new lease on life and are helping people from all walks of life deal with their daily struggles more effectively. J. King of Oregon writes, “I read the book while flying to Los Angeles for a business trip. Two days later, I was in a car accident and remembered the tools. I began using the TEA-form on my negative thoughts and felt better almost immediately.”

Whether you are struggling with debilitating anxiety or just everyday anxiety, the tools in this book can help to improve your life in the time it takes to fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco.


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