Mesotherapy VS Liposuction

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Mesotherapy, the latest fat-melting in-office injection, promises to target your fat spots with little hassle, little pain, and big results. Some people swear by the practice. But is it safe? Here is the truthÂ?

Those ten pounds. You know exactly what I’m talking about. They’re not in any one place. It’s a little under your chin, a smidgen over your knees, a bit on the back of your arms, something oozing around your bra and more than a little extra padding on the always problematic hips-stomach and the butt area. They won’t diet away and a whole series of personal trainers have failed in their attempts to help me get rid of mine. Even if I were to bite the bullet and go under the knife, where would I even tell the doctor to begin? Start at the knees and keep moving up until you get to my nose? It just seems so extreme.

Discouraged, I put on my most flattering black pants and join my friend S. for lunch. S. is a television producer of a certain age who actually manages to pull off “I’m thirty-one,” without anyone so much as blinking. When she stands up to hug me, I am shocked. Her ten pounds have disappeared. “Canyon Ranch?” I ask. She just smiles and shakes her head, “Mesotherapy.”

I’ve heard the word before, but I’m not quite sure exactly what it means. S. explains. “Mesotherapy is a series of injections that consist of small amounts of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbs injected into the middle of the layers of the skin.” The combination of ingredients stimulates cells to shed fat which is then carried away in the bloodstream and excreted. Little pain, no surgery, no downtime, and no more ten pounds. It sounds too good to be true. But S. assures me it’s not. “Roberta Flack lost forty pounds this way. It was on 20/20. Don’t you watch the news?” She whips out her cell phone and makes me an appointment with her Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Simon Ourian (800-828-6466), a mesotherapy pioneer who treats many of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities and trains other doctors.

Lipo, Without the Suction

A few days later, I’m in his office. More than a little nervous and not daring to hope that this could possibly work. But Dr. Ourian lays my fears to rest. He smiles and tells me I’m not the first patient he’s had who didn’t really think it would work. “You don’t have to believe me, just wait and see for yourself.“ If this really works, why isn’t everyone doing it?” I want to know. “I believe that everyone who wants to lose fat in specific areas will soon be doing this. It’s just a matter of time until the general public learns about it,” says Dr. Ourian. I am amazed at what I am hearing. He continues, “But you have to be careful. There’s a real art to it.” He explains to me that different amounts and combinations of drugs are targeted to different areas and different needs. “I use a different cocktail for cellulite than I do to melt love handles.” Obviously, you need a doctor with the skill and experience to know which combinations to use.

Dr. Ourian combines several syringes with different mixtures for my different areas and the next thing I know, he’s injecting my fat with his magic potion. All of it. Every little pocket where those ten pounds are hiding, Dr. Ourian seeks it out with his mesotherapy cocktail. I feel like a bit of a pincushion, but it’s over before I know it. “You will have a little bruising and soreness. But a hot bath should take care of it.” I do, and it does.

The Side Effects

I go back for a few more treatments at one week intervals, and while I think I see some results, it’s not the drastic change for which I was hoping. I share my disappointment with Dr. Ourian. He gives me a warm smile. “You’re still a little puffy from the mesotherapy.” he tells me. “Give it a little while to go away and you’ll see the full results.” “ Oh,” he says, almost as an afterthought, “You should notice that your skin should become smoother.” Now he’s got to be pulling my leg. This whole event was an elaborate joke concocted by S. who did go to Canyon Ranch and just lied about it. I mumble something and slink out of the office, resigned to living with those evil ten pounds.

Melting Fat For Good

Two-and-a-half weeks later it happens. I start shrinking. I am the Incredible Shrinking Woman. The cellulite on my legs somehow disappeared, leaving my skin smoother. Just like Dr. Ourian said. My chin decides it’s twenty again and miraculously firms up. The backs of my arms make the same excellent decision. And the dreaded hip-stomach-butt troika is suddenly delightfully shapely and sexy. I spend a perfect afternoon trying on everything in my closet and making a huge pile of all the things I’ll need to have tailored. Then I spend another blissful afternoon at Barneys New York trying on outfits I can’t afford but in which I look like a supermodel. I haven’t been this happy since the Christmas I got my first bike.

Dr. Ourian was right. I wonder if he’d like tulips or peonies better?

Mesotherapy costs an average of $500 dollars a session. For more information visit or contact Epione directly at 800-828-6466.

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