eBay Users Get Their Own Spam-Free Channel

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eBay users now have a spam-free channel that also flags their eBay correspondence separately from all other emails. UseBestMail stamps and validates the mail, then using FriendMark(tm) technology, flags the eBay correspondence. "It's an all-around spam blocker with two special features nobody else offers," says Martel Firing, UseBestMail's author. The program is available for download and 30-day free trial from http://www.UseBestMail.com , the company's website.

eBay buyers and sellers can now communicate without the clutter and distraction of spam. Although eBay provides a web-assisted method for buyers and sellers to contact one another, the mail itself still transacts through each user's email system. Important messages still have to be identified and snatched out of the spam-pile. And worse yet, messages may be lost to spam filter errors, costing lost sales, lost bargains, and poor eBay feedback scores.

A spam-free channel for these communications is now provided by UseBestMail software. All email sent between eBayers equipped with UseBestMail, is spam-free, validated and identified as eBay-related. The software stamps buyers and sellers' outgoing messages and validates them on receipt. Then, using FriendMark(tm) technology the system flags the eBay traffic so it is readily identified. This is a transparent, unambiguous and certifiable process, so there are no false positives or negatives.

UseBestMail's author, Martel Firing, reports that the eBay Edition blocks spam from non-eBay traffic as well. "It's an all-around spam blocker with two special features nobody else offers," says Firing. "It provides a spam-free channel and uses FriendMark to flag eBay messages exclusively."

Firing was asked whether his FriendMark technology could be applied as well to other affiliated traffic streams such as intra-company mail, associations, organization email, government agencies, clubs, virtual companies, etc. "Yes," he responded. "They all need this capability and I'm anxious to provide it. There must be a multitude of groups out there who would like their own internal correspondence to be treated preferentially in a spam-free environment. UseBestMail with FriendMark will do that, and nothing else can."

When asked whether any special infrastructure at the ISP level was needed, Firing responded, "No, the email is transmitted through existing email infrastructure. We maintain a server that enables the system but does not actually handle or even see the email itself." The UseBestMail client software works on all Windows computers. The company also provides an eBay enabled subscription mailbox service that includes web mail and SMTP/POP access to accommodate users of Linux and Apple computers.

The eBay Edition and the Personal Edition of UseBestMail are downloadable for 30-day free trial from UseBestMail's website http://www.usebestmail.com . Both editions are also available on CD from UseBestMail's eBay store: http://stores.eBay.com/UseBestMail

For additional information, contact:

Martel Firing

HCR-2, Box 756

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phone: 520-822-9920

web: http://www.usebestmail.com
blog: http://usebestmail.blogspot.com

UseBestMail and FriendMark are a trademarks of Martel Firing, dba Signal Trading, LLC.

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