Bad Checks Can Be Made Good!

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By using a 21st century technological breakthrough businesses can now electronically collect NSF checks in as quickly as 48 hours.

A new, ingenious system now helps owners regain money thought to be uncollectible. Now business owners don’t have to worry about lost revenues and profits due to bad checks. This service allows owners to legally collect money owed to their businesses without hassling the customers or bank. It also decreases the amount of time wasted on trying to collect from bad checks and eliminates the need to hire a collection agency.

The secret to this program! Federal Reserve System 12FR Part 205 (Regulation E Docket No. R-1074).

12CFR par 205 is a little known federal law that was passed by Congress to regulate how a bank can electronically credit (add) or debit (subtract) money from a business or a persons’ checking account. You may have heard of 12CFR Part 205 by the more common name ACH credit or ACH debit.

What ACH (Automated Clearing House) means is that with the bank account owner’s permission and a computer, you can electronically withdraw from or deposit to his account without any paperwork (without a check or without a deposit slip).

Here are some examples of ACH debits and ACH credits you may have done in the past...

  •     Your employer deposited your paycheck directly to your bank account (ACH credit)
  •     Paid a bill with your computer online. (ACH Debit)
  •     Paid a bill over the telephone, called “check by phone”. (ACH Debit)
  •     Used a debit card. (ACH Debit).

There is another use for ACH debits that very few experts, even in the banking industry are aware of. If you read the really fine print of 12CFR Par 205 carefully you will see that….ACH debits can also be used to collect bounced checks! Usually the check issuer will usually only find out that the money was taken from his account when he receives his monthly statement or a notice from his bank!

The service is 85% better at collecting money from bad checks than the old method of re-depositing the check, hoping it doesn’t bounce again. It’s also less time consuming and less expensive than the average collection agency – which may be unsuccessful at collecting the debt.

What benefit is this to the business owners?

Simple, they get money rightfully owed for a product or service the customer has received. Plus the service is free! The business gets 100% of the face value of the bounced check. There is no fee to the business owners for the service. There are no monthly minimums of checks that need to be submitted and no minimum dollar amount. There are no set up charges and best of all checks as old as 180 days (6 months) can be submitted for recovery. Plus all the money collected can be reviewed on our website by the business owners.

Here's how you can find out more about this new, FREE service and how it can help your business collect money rightfully owed:

Call: 305-284-8858 and give priority code 23502BP


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