“Not This Time…”--Republicans who voted for Bush in 2000 Support Kerry-Edwards

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Republicans who voted for Bush in 2000 tell their PartyÂ?s candidate, President Bush: Â?Not This TimeÂ? and share their reasons why

Pasadena California– August 27, 2004. “NOT THIS TIME” is the rallying cry that a lifelong registered Republican proposed recently for Republicans for Kerry ‘04 -- a national group of disenchanted Republicans who are supporting Kerry-Edwards. “Whether we are moderates or conservatives, we support the ideals that make us Republican: fiscal responsibility, integrity, environmental conservation, personal freedom, privacy, responsibility, small government and the separation of church and state,” the California lawyer who uses the pen name Kasha said. “The Bush administration has betrayed these Republican ideals, therefore we will not vote for him. ‘Not this Time’.”

Republicans throughout states that Bush carried in the last election expressed similar sentiments.

Dr. Robert Smith of Kansas City Missouri voted for Bush in 2000 but will vote for John Kerry this year. “No one wants to be a Republican more than I, “ he said, “but I can't in good conscience vote to continue this dishonest, arrogant, ignorant and irresponsible administration. I have two beautiful kids, and I'd love to have them grow up in a world where they can take my grandchildren fishing in clean streams, travel abroad without being hated, and (for my son) not have to worry about being drafted into some unnecessary, interminable foreign quagmire.”

Caleb Copeland, a 22-year old sophomore at Southwest Missouri State University grew up in a Southern Baptist family, and was home schooled until eighth grade. He turned 18 in 2000 and just missed being able to vote in the last election. Copeland said that if he had been eligible to vote then, he would have voted for Bush. But this time he will cast his first presidential vote for John Kerry. In endorsing Kerry online at the Republicans for Kerry ‘04 web site (http://www.republicansforkerry04.org/endorsement1.html), Copeland wrote that he appreciates John Kerry’s positions on many issues where the Bush campaign has condemned Kerry for "flip-flopping." “The issues that Senators have to deal with are complex and we are living in a very complex and changing world,” Copeland wrote. “It is a good thing that Senator Kerry looks at an issue from all sides and decides what's the best way to deal with it at that time, instead of simply always being for or against an issue.”

Rosemary Glenn, a writer of historical fiction from Nevada, also voted for Bush in 2000. “I have always voted Republican, and in 2000 I didn‘t know W. Bush but I liked his father,” she said. “ I can’t believe that in such a short time he has trampled over this country’s principles like civil liberty and free speech, led the country into a war under faulty pretenses, and 1000 of our brave young men and women have died.” Calling herself a “Republican sleeper” because crossover Republicans like her are sometimes not reflected in polling data, Glenn believes that Nevada will go for Kerry despite recent polls indicating a statistical tie there. “Many people like me will not vote along party lines this time,” she said.

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