New Consulting Firm Formed to Help Companies Involved in Grand Format Print Projects

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Grand Format Advertising has tremendous power but most companies do not know how to go through the myriads of hoops and hurdles to get one done. Now there is a way. The Grand Format Consortium consulting firm has developed the "Grand Format Bible (light)" to outline a step-by-step process that saves time, money and effort and help assure a successful outcome.

A new company that specializes in Consulting Ad Agencies, Design Firms, Digital Printers, Installers, Engineers and City Inspectors with all aspects of Wallscape Advertising has developed a product to help them through the entire process. The Grand Format Consortium has published their "Grand Format Bible (light)" for immediate download and is free with the minimum purchase of 1 hour of Consulting time. "This little e-book", according to Kelly Smith, President of the company, "will save almost anyone thousands of dollars! As an illustration, I have been a Boy Scout leader for many years and whenever we go on a hike, we always take a map. The 'Grand Format Bible (light)' is a map for any Grand Format Project. Without a map it is easy to get lost or get into trouble." He also said that, "the 'Grand Format Bible (light)' is a simple step-by-step system to help any company cut through the myriads of questions and issues regarding putting a Grand Format Print on their building or structure. The power of Grand Format Advertising is obvious and many companies want to do more but they just don't know where to start. So they usually don't get done because they think the hurdles are too big. If you just look at them as topographic lines on a map, you can find your way. My little e-book is like a compass on that map. It really isn't that difficult."

Kelly said that the most common questions about Grand Format Printing he is asked are: 1-How do we engineer them so they don't fall down? 2-Can we even put one up on our building? 3-Who can print these enormous prints? 4-Who can install such a banner? 5-How much does it cost and what is the return? 6-How long does the whole process take? "These are just a few of the major questions that companies face in the discovery process of outdoor advertising," Kelly said.

While the "Grand Format Bible (light)" doesn't answer all of those questions, it does at least get the major ones started on the right path. The "Grand Format Bible (light)" is a downloadable e-book that gives a brief history of Grand Format printing and some interesting insight into the industry. Kelly has been involved in digital printing since 1992 and is one of the world's Pioneers "with lots of scars to prove it" he says. The "Grand Format Bible (light)'s" main focus though is the Installation Questionnaire that is the step-by-step process that is to be followed. Kelly said that, "These questions in the Installation Questionnaire have come up over the years and are based on lots of experience. Each one of those questions has in times past cost us, or others that I know of, lots of money; more than I care to reveal. But that is why I wrote this; so someone can take advantage of my experience and not have to go through what I did."

Even though he stated that he has lost money on some of these points, Kelly is quick to point out that he has, "never had even one of my projects ever fall down if the installers did what I told them to! This is a record that I want to keep going for as long as I live!"

Kelly also reveals that one of the key issues that comes up in any discussion is that, "Every building is different. Every project is different. Everybody tries to sell you on what they did before but the reality is that this doesn't work. I was once in competition for a large printing project on a building in New York City and my competitor came in with a lower price. I asked my customer how my competitor proposed to put this up and he told me his plans. I told him that it was very dangerous and that it wouldn't work. My advice fell on deaf ears and I lost the job because 'he has lots of experience and has done this before and besides, he's cheaper'. About 2 months later a storm came up and blew the banner off the building. It damaged 5 vehicles and actually killed a pedestrian. So by following some unqualified competitors claims a person was killed and millions of dollars lost to our industry."

While most problems are not that dramatic it is easy to see how damage can occur and "this can usually be avoided if they just follow some simple guidelines," said Kelly. After years of experience, Kelly is now a consultant to the industry and available to any company that wishes to learn the process or has a project that needs some help. He notes that, "I actually like being brought in at the beginning because I can catch most of the problems early, and I love to solve problems!" He enthusiastically adds, "I love to see a smile on my customers face when they see these things go up. I love this industry and know full well the power of Grand Format Advertising-you just can't turn it off!"

A testimonial about Kelly's work is from Kim Griesemer, President of Impact Imaging, "We have used Kelly on a number of Grand Format projects. He is a wealth of knowledge and has saved us lots of money and time. He has an uncanny ability to foresee problems, which really helped us avoid some major pitfalls. We have never been disappointed in his advice and would highly recommend using him for any Grand Format project." Kelly's return comment about Kim is that, "She is such a great person to work with. She is a really smart business person and very open to good ideas."

Another interesting project that the Grand Format Consortium is beginning is a certification process for companies to go through to verify that they know what they are doing in Grand Format. Kelly comments, "Just as owning a scalpel doesn't make you a surgeon, owning a superwide format printing machine doesn't make you an expert in grand format printing. In the old days we would hand paint, silkscreen, spray paint or use any of a number of other methods for giant prints. Now, printing is the easy part but all of the other issues, like material selection, engineering, fabrication and installation have to be dealt with." This certification process is just beginning and will be an ongoing process over the next 5-10 years. Kelly notes that, "this is an expensive and time-consuming process for a company to become certified-at least $15,000. But once they are certified, they can be found on our website and any print buyer will be confident that they can be trusted with a large project. This will really help our industry at all levels."

The Grand Format Consortium does not do any printing or installing and is not in competition with any of those who do. He can be reached at the following numbers and addresses:

Phone: (775) 626-1728 Fax: (775) 626-1728



To purchase the e-book, the "Grand Format Bible (light)" or Consulting Services, just go to the website and follow the links.

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