Kerry Accused of Election Fraud-"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

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American Computer Science Association accuses John Kerry of false claims regarding John McCain's Presidential run, accuses Kerry of supporting Genocide in America and of bashing Bush using illegal Section 527 organizations to help Rockefeller takeover of Iraq's oil reserves.

In letters to major news publications, the American Computer Science Association accused John Kerry of making fraudulent and false claims regarding John McCain and President Bush, regarding the behavior of the Bush Campaign during the 2000 elections toward John McCain. (Source: "New Internet Ad: George Bush is Up to His Old Tricks" ACSA has also indicated it will be legally requesting full disclosure of the current certified medical records of John Kerry and Bill Clinton.

(Full text ACSA Press Release with backgrounder is at:

ACSA indicated that Kerry quickly pulled the McCain ads after McCain became aware that ACSA intended to sue Kerry and bring McCain's involvement in Genocide against the Navaho in Arizona once more to the public forefront. However, the publicity damage was done, leaving the public in a position once again to ignore McCain's Genocide against the Navaho, and Kerry's (and several other Democrats') rabid support for the law that perpetrated the Genocide. (Reference: "CAIN2000: Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

The ACSA stated that when Kerry filed his frivolous lawsuit on August 24, 2004 before the Federal Election Commission against the Swift Boat Veterans, he included public comments and false allegations in the complaint comparing the Swift Boats to anti-John McCain ads allegedly used by Bush in the 2000 elections. (See KIRO Television News Coverage: "Kerry compares Swift-Boat ad to attack on McCain" for source information, and on CNN's website, "Kerry files FEC complaint against Swift Boat group" at The Federal Elections Committee is available at and copies of the transcripts of the lawsuit will be made public with its findings on November 2, 2004).

The ACSA stated, "We are well aware that John Kerry knew we had been the parties whose TV Ads and Documentary Film showed about the Genocide committed by John McCain against thousands of Arizona Navaho, in the decade before the 2000 Elections. Kerry knew we had identified an issue fatal to his Presidential run and that he was forced out of the election by Republican Party Leadership. Such had absolutely nothing to do with Bush, who had not yet emerged as the frontrunner at the time in 2000. Yet again, Kerry has committed Election Fraud, this time in fear of exposure of his perjury before Congress in 1971 and of his participation in and support for the Genocide in Arizona."

"In fact, both Kerry and Ted Kennedy had voted for McCain's Navaho Resettlement that committed the latter parts of the tragic history of genocide against the Indians. It was signed into law by a Bill Clinton who cared less what happened to the Navaho than he did regarding the Campaign Contributions offered by Peabody Western Coal Company, which were street named into these politicians’ campaign coffers. In the case of Clinton, such were simply paid in as 'speaking fees' for later appearances, money he used to buy up many buildings in Harlem with."

The ACSA stated that the pattern of false smears by Kerry against Bush have included a preponderance of illegal tactics that spanned the "527'ers," a proxy film full of inaccuracies, "Fahrenheit 911" and dozens upon dozens of fake proxy "Venom-spitting" groups like BushOut, MoveOn and MissionNotAccomplished.

The ACSA suggests that virtually all of the "venomous smears" have come from Kerry, whose war record and post-war anti-war record are not at all in tune with the message Kerry is trying to deliver to the public. ACSA has stated, "John Kerry's perjury before Congress in 1971, including his false accusations of atrocities, is a complete disgrace to every American veteran, living or dead."

The ACSA noted that Kerry engaged in similar campaigns of deception to his present "527-ers" smear campaign against Bush during his anti-war attacks on Washington, during which he called every soldier in Vietnam "guilty of commissions of widespread atrocities, rapes, beheadings and torture," as he had before Congress in 1971. Kerry also participated in meetings involving the Weather Underground, whose agenda was to bomb elements of the U.S. Government in the name of the North Vietnamese.

The ACSA decided to challenge one of those smears for the benefit of the public before the FEC and/or in Court. They want to give the public a chance to learn the validity of the findings about McCain, Genocide he committed against the Navaho in exchange for campaign funding and the parallels to the Rockefeller Oil Monopoly's "genocide and terrorism agenda," frequently used to clear the way for their energy monopoly's long range exploitation of the world's energy reserves.

The full text of this press release may be found at:

Supporting Documentation:

"CAIN2000: Am I My Brother's Keeper?" and the supporting TV Ads and Documentary footage may be viewed at

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