Ethical Wills - A New Way to Preserve Family Values & Family History

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An ethical will is a great way for a family member to pass on their beliefs, values, lessons learned in life to future generations. Westwind Communications provides seasoned writers to interview loved ones for their ethical will.

If you are looking for gift to give your family that will live on for generations then consider giving an ethical will to your loved ones.

Because families spend less time talking and sharing stories than did earlier generations, oral histories are endangered and today's children will know far less about their families than their parents do.

"We are all just one generation away from not knowing anything about our family history," says Scott Lorenz, founder of Westwind Communications in Plymouth, Michigan, who is leading a new effort to encourage people to obtain first-person, family biographies of their parents through the writing of an ethical will. “It’s a great way for a family member to pass on their beliefs, values, lessons learned in life to future generations,” says Lorenz.

Because written history speaks to future generations, more and more people are having ethical wills and family biographies written about their parents and loved ones - to preserve the richness and uniqueness of their parents' life for their children and grandchildren.

This is not genealogy but a written document of living history that will be enjoyed by your parents while they are still alive and will be passed on to future generations for both enlightenment and enjoyment, Lorenz stresses.

"If your parents are in their 70’s or 80’s," says Lorenz, "they may never meet your grandchildren. What will you tell them? My experience is that tales obtained from personal interviews by professional writers are exceedingly more satisfactory than the stale, lifeless facts obtained from written documents obtained by genealogists, such as birth and death certificates or passenger manifests."

Lorenz is offering a unique service of writing an ethical will through a first-person family biography narratives obtained by professional interviewers and trained journalists from personal phone conversations. Within 30 days from when the order is placed, the material is then presented in a written document to be edited for accuracy and satisfaction by the family member placing the order.

Lorenz perfected the technique when arranging for his mother's and father's family histories to be written. "I learned by trial and error that the best way to preserve family history is by having a third party, not related to the family, interview my parents." explains Lorenz. "I found out much more about my loved ones because they were more open and honest with a stranger."

In its November 22, 2002 edition TIME magazine noted that Lorenz was "in the forefront of what is a growing trend for families: gathering - or hiring someone else to gather - the history, anecdotes and reflections of an aging relative before it's too late."

After sharing copies of his parents' family biographies, friends expressed an interest in the process and product and encouraged Lorenz to share his unique findings with other families. Lorenz put together a web site which makes it easy for people to hire his firm to write an ethical will. The site contains dozens of questions that can be selected to be asked by the writer. Says, Lorenz, “We even ask for the contact information and the best time to reach the loved one to be interviewed. We take the pain out of completing this project. It does not get any easier.”

Clients may choose from a variety of packages from one person (up to 12 pages) to two people (up to 40 pages.) and range in price from $750 and up which is often split between siblings as a collective gift to their parents.

"We believe in deadlines," concluded Lorenz. "Want it for a birthday or anniversary? No problem. Turn your mother or dad over to us for a phone interview and within 30 days you will have in your hands a story of your parents that will be cherished by your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Could you think of a better Christmas gift than to tell Dad and Mom they’re going to be interviewed for an ethical will and family history?”

For more information visit or call 734-667-2098.

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Scott Lorenz is President of Westwind Communications, a public relations and marketing firm located in Plymouth, Michigan. Lorenz has handled public relations and marketing for numerous doctors, lawyers, authors, inventors and entrepreneurs and is an integral part of the marketing strategy for many firms.

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