Sinus Buster Hot Pepper Nasal Spray Announces New Metered Dose Bottles

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Barely a year ago, most people would have laughed at the thought of putting hot pepper up their noses, but today there are thousands of faithful “pepperheads” claiming they’ve discovered the cure for what ailes them. It’s all thanks to “Sinus Buster,” the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray that’s being praised by medical experts as a true breakthrough in fighting chronic sinus and headache symptoms. Today, SiCap Industries, makers of Sinus Buster, announced their long awaited “metered dose bottle” just in time for the upcoming sinus, cold, and flu season. SiCap officials say the new bottle is easier to use, and lessens the expected “pepper bite” by delivering a carefully metered dosage of capsaicin, the active ingredient in Sinus Buster’s hot pepper formula.

The new bottle automatically increases the shelf life and user friendliness of our formula. It also gives us a chance to pursue our eventual goal of rolling into major chain stores and directly competing on the front lines of the sinus, allergy, and headache market

Barely one year ago, a small company known as SiCap Industries, introduced the world’s first hot pepper nasal spray, “The Sinus Buster”. In those early days, Sinus Buster pepper nasal spray sparked a lot of skepticism, but today SiCap’s innovative spray is being praised by medical experts as a true breakthrough in fighting chronic sinus, allergy, and headache symptoms.

Today, SiCap Industries announced their long awaited “metered dose bottle” just in time for the upcoming fall allergy season. SiCap officials say the new bottle is easier to use, and it lessens the initial “pepper bite” associated with Capsaicin (the active ingredient in Sinus Buster’s hot pepper extract). The new bottle does this by delivering a carefully metered dose in a super fine mist pattern that spreads evenly throughout the nasal cavity.

“We’re very excited about the new bottle because a lot of doctors have requested this. I have to point out -- we’re not going to stop selling the original bottle at all because it’s still very necessary for some people who have severe sinus infections and full blown headache attacks. The new metered dose bottle has shown in our own informal studies that it may be more effective as a preventative tool, and it’s really effective on chronic allergy symptoms. But the other exciting thing is it appears to be an excellent preventative against chronic sinus infections. We've found that with capsaicin, you still need the original stream bottle to blast out a severe bout of sinusitis, but the metered bottle appears to help prevent the infections from coming in the small group of users we monitored,” says Wayne Perry, president of SiCap Industries.

The new metered dose applicator is an important move for the fledgling company because it puts them on the same playing field as some of the biggest names in sinus and cold care, but unlike those products, Sinus Buster is an all natural supplement, and SiCap officials say the metered dose bottle is the perfect delivery system for their exclusive hot pepper formula.

"The new bottle automatically increases the shelf life and user friendliness of our formula. It also gives us a chance to pursue our eventual goal of rolling into major chain stores and directly competing on the front lines of the sinus, allergy, and headache market," adds Perry.

SiCap officials also point out the new bottle is easier to use for many people since the doses are automatically regulated (.132CC of formula); each time you pull the trigger. Many long time Sinus Buster users who were lucky enough to test the 'new metered' bottle have already decided it’s a big winner. Although part of the Sinus Buster's charm is its' famous "bite", the new bottle allows users to ingest very tolerable controlled doses, but make no mistake -- the famous Sinus Buster bite is still there.

SiCap officials say the new bottle may have a greater "broad appeal" to consumers than the original bottle, and it's surely going to capture the sinus, allergy, and headache industry, but Wayne Perry warns the new bottle isn’t for everyone. He says the metered bottle and the stream spray bottle are equally effective, yet each bottle may be better suited for certain chronic conditions in certain individuals.

“I’ve found with my own personal use that the metered bottle works really great for controlling my daily allergy related sinus problems, and it seems to be more of a preventative for my cluster headaches, but when conditions are right and I get caught with a fast oncoming full blown cluster attack, I still have to use a blast of the original bottle. So now I carry both. I use the metered bottle for daily prevention, and when my headache triggers are just too strong like when I drink too much or spend a lot of time in extreme hot humid conditions, I have the original bottle to thoroughly flush out the pain. The greatest thing for me with the new bottle is the fact that it has all but stopped my snoring at night, and believe me – my family is thankful for that if nothing else,” adds Perry with a grin.

The Sinus Buster formula has long been thought of as an excellent snoring remedy when taken in each nostril just before bed, but recently, several well known sleep clinics have begun pilot studies that may prove Sinus Buster to be a potential breakthrough in the prevention of snoring related Sleep Apnea. Indeed SiCap Industries claims they have dozens of customers who claim the Sinus Buster formula has decreased their snoring and bouts of Sleep Apnea.

“We have definitely had a lot of customers who claim their husband’s or wife’s snoring drove them crazy until they found the Sinus Buster. And we have several customers who claim it’s actually stopped their sleep apnea symptoms. One lady did a testimonial for us, and her husband got on the phone and thanked us because he could finally get a good night's sleep. His wife had no sense of smell for most of her adult life due to sinus problems, but after she used the sinus buster, it gave her back her sense of smell within the first week. Then her husband realized it also stopped her nightly sleep apnea attacks and chronic snoring. Now I’m not sure where this whole sleep apnea thing will pan out, but we do have several very well respected doctors testing sinus buster to combat the disorder. I do know it stops my snoring for most people – especially the "new metered" bottle. The doctors we have are testing the original bottle since the new one wasn’t available at that time, but now I think this new bottle holds great promise in combating the symptoms of sleep apnea, and especially snoring,” adds Perry.

Steve Fellows, webmaster of (, a website dedicated to “everything peppers” says the new metered dose Sinus Buster bottle is quite impressive, and he believes it will be a big seller for Scup, but he also says there’s a huge market for the original bottle – especially for the “pepper heads” out there. Fellows was one of the “lucky few” who got to test the new bottle before it was officially introduced to market.

“I really like the metered bottle especially for people who have daily allergy problems, and for a quick pick me up that’s not too strong. Some people are afraid of the all out bite you get from the original bottle because it takes a little finesse to learn how to use it without getting a big burst each time, but of course most of us “pepper heads” want that big burst. That’s why I know even though the new bottle will be king, the original stream bottle will continue to be a huge seller because there are millions of pepperheads out there who crave the rush of that pepper. When you take a shot of the original stream bottle, you can really blast away any headache immediately, and for us “pepper heads” it gives us a total rush -- a burst of energy. A lot of people love that. I like to use the new bottle before I go to bed, but when I get up in the morning it’s that blast from the original bottle that gets me going faster than a cup of coffee,” says Fellows.

The rush Steve Fellows refers to is a “natural high of sorts” associated with the release of endorphins triggered by the ingestion of Capsaicin. This is the same rush felt by people who crave spicy foods – the sweating, the burst of energy, and the feeling of well being are all brought on by the release of endorphins initiated by the active ingredients in hot peppers.

“We have tons of customers who use the sinus buster every time they workout because it produces an almost instant runner’s high. It really wakes you up for a workout and it kind of motivates you. I still need my coffee in the morning, but now I need my sinus buster too. The new bottle is great with your morning coffee. Our Sinus Buster formula is an incredible daily supplement, and it’s totally safe to use anytime. Now with the new bottle we have something for everyone,” says Bob Haines, VP of Manufacturing for SiCap Industries.

Now that SiCap has successfully launched their metered dose bottle, company officials admit the new bottle almost never happened. It was only by a stroke of luck after being profiled in The Wall Street Journal that SiCap was able to locate manufacturers willing to work with such a small company without requiring huge order contracts.

“We had searched for months to find a manufacturer willing to work with a small company such as ours. Our supplier for the original bottle didn’t make a metered bottle to match our needs, and all we could find was inferior products and fly by night operations that we knew could never supply us with what we needed. Then we were profiled in the Wall Street Journal, and suddenly we had the new bottle manufacturer in place. Suddenly companies were willing to take a shot with us because they realized that one day we'll be their biggest bottle buyer. I've gotta say Journal really gave us a nice boost in sales and credibility, and now we’re getting tons of repeat customers who originally bought sinus buster after they read the Wall Street Journal article. Once people buy it, they realize almost immediately that this stuff works, and it works well beyond any of the hype you hear in the media. There’s no doubt that sinus buster nasal spray is a breakthrough. Nothing will stop a headache faster, and nothing will blast out a sinus infection the way the buster does, and now we have two bottles that offer every consumer a way to get the medicinal power of capsaicin into their lives, exclaims Perry.

If you want to learn more about Sinus Buster capsaicin pepper nasal spray, and SiCap's new metered does bottle, visit the company website at ( ).

To learn more about the world of exotic peppers for health, fun, and food – go to ( ).

Sinus Buster media kits and samples are available for qualified media and medical personnel by emailing the company at ( ) -- or you can phone SiCap Industries at (518) 861-5216.

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