Terrorism Film to Premiere on 9/11

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"Room 13: The Terrorist Project" hints of the consequences of a security obsessed future.

For a film that has been surrounded by coincidence since the first day of filming, the final twist of fate is the biggest one of them all. “I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it,” says the director, William Lee. “We had talked to Studio 35 in early August about having the premiere on September 11, and we were initially turned down. I had the premiere all set for another venue later in September, and then got an email from Studio 35 saying that we could do it on September 11 if we wanted to, and of course we do. I’ve been spending the last few days sending out corrections. It has been wild.”

His independent film, “Room 13: The Terrorist Project” tells a story of a descent into madness as the need for homeland security forces an evolution of America from a democracy into one obsessed with terrorism. Its main character, Vincent Kamiglia, has the original task of fighting terrorist agents but gradually goes after anyone he thinks is evil, or in his way. Other characters in the movie contribute to the insanity as the means become increasingly drastic, and the ends achieved less justifiable.

While the film’s dialogue and imagery are shocking, the events happening at about the same time the cameras were rolling has caused this work of art to reflect reality. Prison interrogation scenes, intended to be fictional, were filmed by the crew several weeks before the Abu Gharib scandal went public. It was purely coincidental, but an anti-war demonstration took place on one day that “Room 13” was being shot, and Lee was able to capture some of the protest on film. The most startling fluke, however, became known only weeks after the filming was completed. In June, the Federal Bureau of Investigations announced they had apprehended a man who was plotting to bomb a shopping mall in Columbus, Ohio. “Room 13” was shot entirely in Columbus and within a few miles of retail centers that were probably on the list of targets. “It’s been pretty amazing,” says Lee. “It as if this movie was meant to be produced the way it was. I just the hope that the future doesn’t turn out the way the film predicts it might.”

The world premiere will be at 11 p.m. on September 11, and will be at Studio 35 Cinema, a local movie theater in Columbus, OH. Although Lee is passionate about his work, he has no political bias and the film is extremely objective as a consequence. “I don’t care what your political views are,” says Lee. “All of us need to rationally discuss the issues of homeland security and the response to terrorism. This film shows conflicting views, and each side gets an equal voice. Nobody is ridiculed. The issue is too important to be just a bumper sticker slogan. We need to talk about this, and decide what we need to do to be both a free and secure society.”

Hopefully, after the audience has had the chance to absorb the power of this film’s draconian message, such dialogue will be generated. The world premiere of “Room 13: The Terrorist Project” will be at 11 p.m. on September 11, 2004, at Studio 35 Cinema, 3055 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, OH. A trailer for “Room 13: The Terrorist Project” is available upon request by email at insaneslugger@msn.com. Media press kits are available upon request by email at KEITHBOOKS@aol.com. William Lee is available for interviews and interested parties should contact him directly at (614-471-5512).

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