Bush Web Site Appeals to “those who believe it when they see it”

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NextStage Analytics' Demographic Analysis of the Bush campaign web site home page reports that the page has shifted its focus from an older, first-hand experience type of visitor to a younger, more visual crowd.

– Research reports published online today by NextStage Analytics indicated a shift in demographic appeal of the George Bush campaign web site home page towards people who, in general, “make decisions based on what they see.”

“This is a clever move on the site designer’s part,” says NextStage CEO and Founder Joseph Carrabis, “as it serves to reinforce any other media coverage the RNC gets on TV or in print.” NextStage Analytics showed that the George Bush campaign web site hadn’t changed it’s audience appeal in almost two months, during which time it favored people “who need to experience something themselves to believe it”. Carrabis went on to say that the RNC better hope nothing negative comes up while the George Bush campaign site is sending off a “believe what you see” message.

Full report is available at: http://www.nextstageanalytics.com.

NextStage Analytics’ Demographic research of the 2004 presidential campaign home pages is available online for the duration of the 2004 presidential election season. Five demographic reports, available free of charge to visitors, compare how effectively the Bush, Kerry and Nader campaign home pages are targeted to different age, gender and personality groups.

Adam Smeltz, blogging from the 2004 Democratic National Convention for Knight Ridder calls the NextStage Research, "For political junkies, a slice of heaven." Rob Graham, author, lecturer and New Media analyst says it's "the closest thing to a political crystal ball I've ever seen."

NextStage's Media Content Analysis (MCA) evaluates all text, images, color, visual and page layout elements and reports how the website will be perceived by different demographic groups. MCA reports can provide valuable insights into how the candidates' websites are communicating their messages and data that can be used for researching or writing about the impact of internet websites on political campaigns.

A second set of advanced reports, Message Projection Analysis (MPA), evaluate the sub-textual messages projected intentionally or unintentionally from websites, TV and other media. During this year's presidential campaign season, NextStage is monitoring the comparative intensity of ten important sub-textual campaign messages being projected from the Bush, Kerry, and Nader home pages, such as "I am Presidential Material," "I'm Listening to You," "I Can Lead Us to a Better Place," and "I Can Get Us Out of this Problem/Trouble/Mess." This advanced MPA research with supporting data is available for political and media analysts on a subscription basis at the NextStage web site.

About NextStage Analytics

NextStage Analytics is the business arm of NextStage Evolution LLC, a Nashua-based research company founded in 2001. NextStage Analytics offers behavioral and demographic analytics tools and consulting services that improve website performance, increase web sales conversions, and enhance the effectiveness of search engine, email and other online advertising/marketing and political campaigns.

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