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Preparing to install hydrogen-on-demand for hydrogen-powered cars, enabling them to run on water. Also preparing to release hydrogen generators for house and in-field use. Independent test results from Battery Enhancement and Controller System show a 60% increase in efficiency.

Licensees and dealers from around the world are standing in line to get in on the action at Emerging Technologies Development Corporation (ETDC) products according to a recent report issued by the company.

ETDC has conveyed their core knowledge to enough people that they no longer feel that their lives are at risk because of the earth-changing technology they possess. They also report that a number of new patents are ready to be filed to protect the intellectual property, and that once these filings are complete, more disclosures of the technology will be found on their website.

Two hydrogen-run automobile companies are in process of finalizing contracts with them to utilize their on-board, hydrogen-on-demand systems that run on water, tap or salt. By marrying their technologies ETDC benefits from the automobile companies' expertise in producing street-worthy vehicles that run on hydrogen.

A group in California is near to completing a contract to implement the technology for home generator and field generator applications.

ETDC expects the patent filings and receipt to be accomplished in 3-4 weeks, at which time they will be demonstrating their fresh water and salt water units.

ETDC also reports that a non-oil producing country has approached them about a private label contract for a large scale purchase expected to begin shipment by mid 2005.

The report also announces that ETDC has finished their third-party testing of their Battery Enhancement and Controller System, showing a 60% increase in run-time on a unit with their device installed, compared to a unit without. The protocol and results are briefly described, with a note that a more full report is pending to be posted on their site soon.

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