Too Much Fuss Over Sender ID

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"Why all the fuss when a spam-free channel is already available and working 24/7 -- without infrastructure changes?" asks UseBestMail author Martel Firing. The Sender-ID system proposed by IETF and backed by Microsoft, Cloudmark, Symantec, and others requires infrastructure changes and may take years, while UseBestMail's spam-free channel is infrastructure neutral and is here now. He then goes on to question sender-ID's blacklist, sender reputation and law enforcement models, which he maintains won't do much to prevent spam given the proven ingenuity of the spammers themselves.

Internet industry players including Microsoft, Symantec, Cloudmark, SendMail, Verisign, Tumbleweed and ESPC are hoping that Sender ID, a newly minted IETF standard, will put a cap on spam. Others are skeptical, pointing out that required infrastructure changes will likely be uneven and take a long time.

"Why all the fuss when a spam-free channel is already available and working 24/7 -- without infrastructure changes?" asks Martel Firing, author of UseBestMail. While some other email software will have to be modified, Firing reports that the UseBestMail spam-free channel technology is infrastructure neutral. While Sender ID, if it becomes widely accepted, might provide yet another level of validation to UseBestMail's free email stamp system, it really isn't needed right now.

"Knowing and validating the sender's domain is more useful to law enforcement than it is to spam control," says Firing. "It's also a way for large organizations to say 'we can be trusted'. But who should really be in charge of determining trust? Who would you delegate to vouch for your own trustworthiness?"

"Otherwise this relies on blacklisting of domains," Firing continues, "which has already proven to be a failed concept with too many false positives, as demonstrated by problems with SPEWS and others. The idea that spammers, once their messages can be Sender-ID'd, will go away to become venerated investigative reporters is naive. They're resourceful enough to frustrate the efforts of any committee," says Firing.

In contrast to sender-ID's blacklist, sender reputation and law enforcement models, UseBestMail's free stamp system provides equal, uncensored access to everyone, even spammers. But the spammers can't send more than a few emails before they are slowed to a crawl -- which their business model won't tolerate. "And unlike computational stamps," says Firing, "UseBestMail doesn't bog down the legitimate sender's computer. It achieves the beneficial delay much more simply and directly."

UseBestMail with its spam-free channel is available for 30-day free trial through the company's website: htttp;// . It is an all-around spam blocker using proven whitelist, challenge/response and preview technology plus the unique spam-free channel provided by free stamped email. See for a discussion. The product is backed and personally supported by its author, Martel Firing, who invites you to visit the web site, learn more, and try it out yourself.

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