California Man Overcomes Parkinson's Disease

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William P. Hansen, age 75, of Carlsbad, California was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 1998. Today he is nearly symptom free as a result of a combined spirit, mind and body approach.

The past is history, the future a mystery. Today is a gift. That's why they call it the "present." This was the first thing that William Hansen mentioned as we began the interview.

After hearing and listening to William Hansen's story and reading his new book, Hope Heals, I thought it would benefit others to hear this amazing man's story of faith coupled with action.

"I must tell you, my story feels like living a miracle. For the most part, anyone who didn't know me would never guess I have Parkinson's. I live an eternally thankful and joyous life, now filled with hope-not just for me, but for thousands of others afflicted with this disease. I take every day as a gift to be savored, which is why I considered it my sacred contract to write this book, Hope Heals, and bring these discoveries out into the open. I can now dance as I once did, particularly my favorite, the cha-cha, which challenges anyone who tries to master it, with very difficult, quick steps. I have regained all the weight I lost, I sleep so much better at night, and I work out three times a week in half-hour sessions."

He went on to say, "I believe that through a knowledge and faith in this connection it is possible to "create" our own lives, to live exactly as we wish to live. I have a saying: "All my dreams are waiting for me to come true." In other words, I can become everything I can ever dream possible. In my case, of course, my passion is to be free of Parkinson's, and to once again, live a healthy and happy life."

In conclusion Mr. Hansen stated, "It is possible to gain voluntary control over your immune system and your negative emotions. I am living proof. It is imperative however, that in order to do this, one must balance Spirit, Mind and Body. When you are in balance, your body will heal itself."

When Bill Hansen retired after being an insurance executive for more than 30 years, he founded Parkimin Technologies, a spray nutraceuticals company in 1995.

The company manufactured oral vitamin sprays, which were fast acting, economical and very effective. Then, as fate would have it, in 1998 Mr. Hansen was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Traditional medicine did not offer a cure or even any hope. However, Mr. Hansen’s faith was stronger than his disease and after several years of suffering the debilitating effects of his disorder, he began to experiment on a more effective treatment by reformulating his nutritional sprays. He was his company’s single guinea pig and after two years of trial and error, he found the solution, which he called Parkimin™ Sprays.

The result of a combined spirit, mind and body approach, and the use of these miraculous sprays, is that he is now nearly symptom free. The Parkimin™ Sprays, are a combination of over 100 natural elements including vitamins, amino acids, L-Dopa and other essential ingredients that are sprayed into the mouth several times a day.

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